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Help Port Forwarding?

vreishvreish Member Posts: 28
edited September 2014 in Multiplayer
Hi. I hate to be the guy asking this, but would someone be willing to walk me through port forwarding in extremely simple language? I've looked at the Multiplayer guide, and the guides on, and I still feel out of my depth and afraid of screwing something up.

I'm also using LogMeIn Hamachi, and while I think I basically get what it does I'm unsure whether there's anything extra I need to do to make it work aside from set up a network and just let it sit there. As you can probably tell, I am confused and *not* computer savvy.

I'm on a Mac desktop using a Ubee router. Any and all help is much appreciated.


  • Prince_of_LiesPrince_of_Lies Member Posts: 87
    Hey vreish!

    Could you tell us what model your Ubee router is? The reason being is the firmware that you log into may differ model by model (older Ubee "Ambit" modems, for instance).

    However, generally you need to log in by putting in the direct IP address while connected to the network, if it's Ubee, it's usually or Type one of those IP addresses in a browser address bar, and you'll be taken to a login screen. The default login is usually username:"user", password:"user" or username:"admin", password:"password", unless your internet provider changes the defaults, in which case you will need to contact them for that information.

    If you have the latest firmware version, once you're logged in, click on "gateway" at the top of the page under the "Ubee" logo. Once there, click on "forwarding" on the left. In the forwarding section, you should see various interfaces with changeable fields; under "Index 1" type "2300" in the "Internal Port" field. Then, type "2300" in the "Ext Start Port" field. In the "Ext End Port" type "2400", set protocol to "both" and click enable. For "Index 2" type "6073" in the "Internal Port" field. Then, type "6073" into the "Ext Start Port" field. In the "Ext End Port", type "6073". Lastly, set the protocol for "Index 2" to "both" and click enable.

    Click apply at the bottom of the page, and voila, you have successfully port forwarded!

    Please note that this essentially punches holes in your firewall, allowing data to transmit through various upstream and downstream channels on these ports; and I would recommend logging back into the modem once you are done playing multiplayer, and disable the indexes. The information inside will be saved, but once you disable, it essentially re-covers those holes.

    Anyway, hope this helps!


  • vreishvreish Member Posts: 28
    Thanks, I think I'll be able to do it now.

  • vreishvreish Member Posts: 28
    edited September 2014

    Ok, I finally had time to try out your advice and ran into a hitch. I've successfully accessed my router, the only thing is that it's actually a Linksys E1200. (The Ubee is my modem! XD ) So the port forwarding screen is a little bit different. For example, the changeable fields are "External Port", "Internal Port", "Protocol", "To IP Address", and "Enabled". I don't see anything about Indexes.

    The "Port Range Forwarding" section seems like what what corresponds to your instructions. I can enter the Port numbers into various fields as you describe. I just have a few questions:

    You said the last port should be 6073? The set-up guide says 47624? ( ) Should I do both, or is 6073 good enough?

    What should the IP Address be?

    Is there anything else I should do to make sure this works with LogMeIn Hamachi?

    Thanks for your time.

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  • vreishvreish Member Posts: 28
    Here's a screeshot of the Linksys interface if it helps:

  • Prince_of_LiesPrince_of_Lies Member Posts: 87
    edited September 2014
    If you are playing BGEE online, use both, if the original, just the ones I gave. The IP should match your router's IP (so, as that's the location of the router that you are forwarding to).

  • Prince_of_LiesPrince_of_Lies Member Posts: 87
    edited September 2014
    Errr ( is your modem)

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