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Changing Class Stronghold?

SergeTroySergeTroy Member Posts: 86
Hey all, had a relatively minor question. I'm not really interested in running a Priest for the most part though I suppose that could change, but I AM interested in running a blackguard. Now, I have 0 interest in another de'Arnise Keep for my Dark Lords house of terror, but the Temple of Talos sounds fetching. Sooo, is there a way either via EEKeeper or a mod that's already out there that's working with BG2:EE to get that set up where my Blackguard of vileness can run his own temple to a God of Evil? The less intrusive the change is preferred of course, so if there's a safe console command that works just as well as a game overhaul mod, I'd prefer the console command. Thanks folks!

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