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Baldurs Gate 2 and Throne of Bhall

drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53
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For some reason I thought this was all of the games being re-done but when I went to pre-purchase I saw that it was only BG 1 and SOA.
So with that in mind, we will still be able to import characters from this new enhanced edition into BG2 and TOB once BG/SOA EE is completed as we could before?



  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    To be clear, BG:EE is just BG1 and Tales of the Sword Coast (the expansion). BG2:EE will be Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal.

    As to importing your character, the BG:EE engine will be the same as that used by BG2:EE, so you'll be able to import your character just fine into BG2:EE.
  • drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53
    Ah ok, well hopefully by the time I have done BG:EE BG2:EE will be finished. I didnt know if they were doing it or not so I thought I would ask if we could import BG:EE characters in to the original BG2.
  • asgardirdasgardird Member Posts: 6
    whoa i am confused so meaning the 17$ i paid pre-purchase its only for BG 1 and the expansions? i was thinking it gonna be bg 1 and bg 2 together... seriously 17$ for bg 1 even with the new improvement its quite expensive for a 1998 game....
  • drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53
    Yeah it is an old game and at first I was like easy now, thats a bit pricy. But when you think of the work thats gone into it it kinda adds up. Plus think about when you pay £30 for a game like COD2 that you can complete in 8 hours and you soon start to see the value that this price is.
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    The additional content alone is longer than COD2, in that case. ;)
  • mtyler11mtyler11 Member Posts: 20
    This is a great value, especially for anyone that doesn't have the boxed version from '98. I am excited that this will have upgrades to it so I don't have to mess with a bunch of mods to get it to display properly on my Win7pc. Now, Beamdog/Overhaul, you need to get cracking on BG2&TOB and IW/IW2 and PS:T. Secure the rights to update ALL the IE games!
  • ZemeZeme Member Posts: 19
    I would like to add that I too thought this would include BG2 and ToB. I had already pre-ordered the game after I realized so I was a bit disappointed. I still would pre-order the game even though its just the first one but regardless, it wasnt very clear at all which games would be included in the enhanced edition. The FAQ and front page didnt answer the question. At the time anyway, I wouldnt know if its changed.
  • drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53
    As original poster here I would just like to make it clear that it was my mistake in thinking that SOA and TOB were included in this first release and that I know that they are not. Secondly I would also like to point out that the thread was really to ask this (which I don't think had been answered yet) If I compete BG:EE before SOA/TOB:EE is released, will I be able to import the BG:EE character into the old version of SOA/TOB.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    edited August 2012
    @drechana I think the official answer was, "Probably not."

    There are enough differences in the structure between vBG (what we're calling Vanilla BG) and BG:EE that a number of references won't make the transition.

    At least, that's my understanding of it... I'm not a programmer.
  • drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53
    Ok thanks buddy :)
  • ZemeZeme Member Posts: 19
    edited August 2012
    Aosaw said:

    For the record, at no point did anyone from the development team suggest that BG:EE would include Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal; and in fact they have mentioned more than a few times their plans to release BG2:EE.

    My assumption was based on a developer saying in an early interview that they hoped to merge baldurs gate 1, tales of the sword coast, baldurs gate 2 and throne of bhaal into a single game.

    E: I'm not blaming anyone but since I'm not the only one to make the mistake maybe it would be better to include it in the faq or something.
  • KyzarinKyzarin Member Posts: 21
    Aosaw said:

    @drechana I think the official answer was, "Probably not."

    There are enough differences in the structure between vBG (what we're calling Vanilla BG) and BG:EE that a number of references won't make the transition.

    I doubt you'll be able to import characters between BGEE and the original BG/BG2, but if you really want to bring your BG:EE character to BG2, you should be able to make a good clone using one of the character editors (e.g. Shadowkeeper) available for the original games.
  • pemapema Member Posts: 12
    asgardird said:

    whoa i am confused so meaning the 17$ i paid pre-purchase its only for BG 1 and the expansions? i was thinking it gonna be bg 1 and bg 2 together... seriously 17$ for bg 1 even with the new improvement its quite expensive for a 1998 game....

    In my opinion , paying up to 10 € for several dlc's of newer games, that extend the game duration for about 1-2 hour(s), is expensive. I rather pay 17 $ (currently 13,5 €) for a game, that got a lot of enhancements, new characters and a new adventure for a 14 years old game that's still one of the best RPG's around.

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    I, also, pre-ordered as a show of support so that BG3 might one day be possible. Also hoping for PS:T EE, but don't know if that is feasible
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447

    And actually, the additional content is a lot more than one or two hours. I believe the advertised "average length" for the new content is four hours per NPC. So for iPad users, that $10 to upgrade to the full content with all three new NPCs and portrait packs and voice sets is giving you a net gain of 8 hours, plus additional replay value for customizing your characters.
  • GilgalahadGilgalahad Member Posts: 237
    I've always understood BG:EE to be only bg1 and totsc and that BG2:EE would follow shortly after but then i tend to research things to death so i found all that information after a lot of surfing. As far as the $17 price tag for this? Aboslutely well worth it considering what you're getting. They didn't just rehash the old bg1 with a few new tidbits, they've overhauled it completely, added a ton of new content and npc's each adding hrs of gameplay to what is already a long game. Once you realize this you'll find that $17 to $20 depending on your country/currency type and taxes will be WELL worth it.
    As a fan of old school games who's been feeling nostalgic about these games in particular(bg, bg2, iwd, ps:t) i'm extremely excited and looking forward to them. As someone else mentioned, there is a HUGE fan base out there who've been , like me, yearning for old school games to make a comeback. YAY! And i don't need to answer you're original question drechana as i think it's been answered well by others :-).
  • drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53
    edited September 2012
    Totally agree with everything you have said there koteko, nice one :)
  • ericmattinglyericmattingly Member Posts: 2
    I would love to see the whole series redone. I played these over and over. I'm hoping they have the extras from the originals such as the collectors edition bonus content. When I moved I lost the bonus disc for my BG2 and could have died without all the cool extras. I would rather play updated versions of all the old games then play most the new stuff. All the games get "dumbed down" for consoles and don't take advantage of the capabilities of gaming PC's. Dragon Age was the closest thing I found to a replacement for BG series and then they ruined it with Dragon Age 2. Like koteko said, I have no problem with the price for this.
  • shrike1978shrike1978 Member Posts: 1
    I'll admit it. While I was a fan of BG and BG2, I probably would not buy enhanced versions of them in a vacuum. My ulterior motive here is hoping to see Planescape: Torment EE. That's my gold standard for CRPGs. That said, I have no issue with the price point...I think it's more than fair. I am quite looking forward to playing this game again. I've been looking for a good RPG to play, and it's been long enough since I played BG that this will virtually be like having a new game.
  • WillisimoWillisimo Member Posts: 1
    Completely agree with Koteka as well, I would have EASILY payed $50.00 for this. By far the best game I have ever played, and cannot wait to play it again, with a little "enhanced" flavoring.
  • killeahkilleah Member Posts: 124
    I agree with most of the comments here, there's an important comparison one needs to make, The alternative (new released rpg's) ships for 3-4 times the amount, and even with the attrition of bg being old, it's still such a value buy, compared with new rushed releases that build on the same cartoony engine, with the same horde of bugs and flaws due to rushed and poor testing.
  • mickyh44mickyh44 Member Posts: 32
    edited November 2012
    Damned I thought BB2 was included... It was the fist PC game I played (I remember that I bought the collector box with the map and the T-shirt...)

    Anyway I never play BB1 because I found the interface not as good as BB2, and it was too ugly when I tried it.

    I guess it will be a good experience this time ^^

    Any idea of a possible release date for BG2:EE?
  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Member Posts: 1,336
    edited November 2012

    2013 is the best they can say. BG:EE hit many snags along the way, already taking 18 months. BG2:EE won't take as long as the hardest part (the engine/UI reworking) has already been done. But all art needs to be upscaled as well as dialog and scripting bugs fixed.

    I bet there's a few guys at the studio already working on BG2:EE.
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  • mickyh44mickyh44 Member Posts: 32
    OK thanks for the answer ;-)
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