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More isometric landscape areas for Infinity Engine

kexikkexik Member Posts: 28
Hi all,

almost 1 year after my last thread ( I've made it to dive in once again into creating more environment art for IE. I've come across some new software which made my life much easier in terms of modelling.
The first is Vue (e-on software) and goes well together with World Machine. It is so much easier to create believable realistic terrains with it. You will find enough tutorials on youtube.

To make it short, I want to show you what I have modelled in the last month:

I started with some mountains in World Machine and with the right lightning its immediately looked great - at least from an overview.
The problem was that if you zoom in the details are too low.


So this one needs some rework, but it was a good start. With so many ideas in my mind I jumped right onto the next projects (pics are attached below):

A swamp

A area near a lake in the winter like in Icewind Dale

And a mountain scene like the ones from the National Park where I live:ü

My next project is going to be an inside environment like a cave. There are so many possibilities...



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