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[Windows] Multiplayer join game crashes

Whenever I click join game in Multiplayer it crashes. If I click cancel it crashes automatically, but if I leave it then it waits a few seconds before crashing. The crashing itself is also peculiar, since it never disappears, and I can't end the baldur process with task manager (it does nothing when I click end process). Only way I can exit bg:ee afterwards is by logging off/shutting down the pc.

Basically the same as what was said in this thread

I'm trying it with tcp/ip. Beamdog doesn't work for me anyways, so I don't use it. It also still happens when firewalls are disabled.

My friend can connect to my games however.

I'm running bgee on Windows 7, through Steam.
64bit Bit Toshiba Notebook with 8gb of RAM.

Mods are not an issue, as I tried reinstalling and testing without mods, and it still crashes.

This only started happening yesterday (today is 30/9/2014).

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