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NWN 2 Storm of Zehir, where in the flip is Nya?

sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,977
So for hours i have been scouring the internet on trying to find out what happened with Nya with no luck, and i can't even find a cheat to summon her in, because she sells some pretty wicked gems which i would like to buy, but to no avail, so here is the situation: i found her in that graveyard didnt attack her help her out with the undead lord dude, killed all the luskans with the army, and did the umberlee quest thingy finished that off, so all in all, killed all known baddies, town is happy again and all that good rot, but yet Nya ceases to exist, where is she? This might be a whacky bug, but couldn't find any info on that, so if someone out there has any idea on how to help me out that would be great

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