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[(BG1) Bug] Fuller's extra dialogue (0813)

BalquoBalquo Member, Developer Posts: 2,746
edited August 2012 in Fixed
Fuller Dialogue
Open additional dialogue by Fuller who will when asked inform player of the location of Hull's sword.

Direct from Dudley.
Fuller, AR2618 and Hull, AR2600 - contains a missing response due to an incomplete trigger. Hull also needs to have an action set to allow this trigger.
- In FULLER.DLG change trigger in [Response 0] from PartyHasItem("") to Global("HelpHull","GLOBAL",1) !HasItem("SW1H12",LastTalkedToBy()).
- In HULL.DLG add action in [Response 0] SetGlobal("HelpHull","GLOBAL",1).
- Change actions in [Response 1] and [Response 3] to SetGlobal("HelpHull","GLOBAL",2).
- Change trigger in [State 2] to Global("HelpHull","GLOBAL",1).
- Increase weight of [State trigger 5] to position 3 moving subsequent triggers down by one position. This can be done easily in the DLTCEP utility.

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