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Imoen levelling up

I'm thinking of keeping imoen around in this playthrough but i was wondering whether i should get her back as quickly as possible or can i mess around Athkala for a little bit before going for her.

Mostly, I'm worried that she will mess up her rolls when she levels up and put proficiency point in stupid things or accepting low hp rolls. I don't mind her being behind me in level though.

Thanks in advance


  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,343
    You can get a lvl 13 imoen if you are high enough level in Spellhold. However Imoen is already lvl 8 at the start and subsequent lvl ups give her very little in terms of hp rolls and proficiencies.

    She will get 2d4 hp from mage lvls 9 and 10, and only 1 hp after that per level. (Note that she allready has great hitpoints roll) She will learn a proficiency at lvl 12 but she already has great weapon proficiencies. I don't remember where she spends her lvl 12 proficiency but she is already great at weapons suitable for her:daggers, staves, shortbow and shortsword. Unless you really need to have her proficiency in something like katanas, no need for lvl 12 proficiency.

    Umm now it has been a long time since I saved Immy, does she spawn at lvl 13 all ready to go, or does she spawn lvl 8 with enough xp for lvl up so you get to choose her proficiency point? Can't recall.

  • kinghunter74kinghunter74 Member Posts: 27
    From what i read in the forum, she spawns at few level below the PC and already allocated the stats herself, which is why i was worried she will mess up her stats (which is why npcs should just leave leveling up to the professionals)

    So basically, even if i get her back late, her stats won't differ that much then if i leveled her myself?

  • KaigenKaigen Member Posts: 1,567
    Unless you have BGTweaks (with ToB-style NPCs) installed, she'll spawn already leveled up with proficiency points spent, though, as Lunar says, that's not a big deal since she has fine proficiencies already.

    Like all NPCs, the level she spawns at depends on your average party level when you enter the same zone (should be the maze underneath Spellhold in this case). If you do a lot of sidequests in Chapter 2/3, she'll be below you in level. To go into more detail, there are two versions of Imoen you can pick up in Spellhold: A level 11 version (400k XP), and a level 13 version (1.2 mil XP). Either way, you aren't going to be able to ensure she maxes out those last two hp rolls (without Tweaks), but if you make it to the point where you pick her up before your average party level (including multiclasses) hits 13, you can place that proficiency point yourself.

  • MerinaMerina Member Posts: 303
    Uuhh, mind you, she has become a mage already. You will be busy making her learn spells, erase spells, rewrite spells. There are enough levels to reach for her to gain additional prof.points to spend on the very limited single-point slots there are for a a Thief/Mage.

  • kinghunter74kinghunter74 Member Posts: 27
    ok, thanks for the replies =P

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