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Sign up for Beta access here! (Windows/Mac/Linux)

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
edited December 2014 in The Road to v1.3 (BGII:EE)
Looking for a way to sign up for access to the beta? Look no further than this post! Just follow the link below and fill out the form. You can also use the form to sign up for the BG:EE beta; just fill out the form separately for each game.

Note: You can load your 1.2 saved games into the 1.3 beta and continue your game. However, you will not be able to load saved games from 1.3 back into 1.2. Back up your saves before you load them into the beta!

If You Bought Your Game Through Beamdog (Windows and Mac)

Sign Up Here!

Note: In order to qualify for Beta Access in this way, you MUST have purchased your copy of the game directly through

Once the BGII:EE Beta has been added to your Beamdog account, use the stand-alone installer linked below (Mac only), or the Beamdog client (Windows only) to install and launch the beta:
Beamdog Client (Windows): Direct Link
BGII:EE Installer (Mac): Direct Link
If you haven't bought your copy yet, here are some helpful store links to get you on your way to adventure:
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (Windows)

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (Mac)

If You Bought Your Game Through Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

You can access the latest Beta build using the following code: IWantToTestBGII

1. In the Steam client, open the Library tab
2. Right-click on "Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition"
3. Select "Properties"
4. Select the "Beta" tab
5. Enter "IWantToTestBGII" in the field provided, then click Check Code
6. Select "updatetesting" from the drop-down
7. Close the Properties window, wait for the game to download the update, and enjoy the beta!

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