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Chat text on top of character heads?

Ragdoll83Ragdoll83 Member Posts: 34
edited October 2014 in Feature Requests
One thing i find annoying about these games is the not so practical chat box system, you easily miss what players write in the chat if fx a conversation with an npc is going on, which will add tons of text to the chatbox and quickly drown any player written text in it. Also you see peoples multiplayer nicknames not their char name, which makes it confusing aswell.

To make it easier to see who's chatting and what they are saying despite the chat box being overrun. Couldn't you mod the game so that player written text is written above the player heads? Like it is now with some npc's, where you can see what they are saying in the game with white text appearing over their heads? Frankly it would make it easier to keep track of what everyone is writing in the chat.

Not sure if this has been suggested or what the dev opinions are on it?


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