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Neat little option that Cleric/Rangers players might be interested in knowing

elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,958
In the original IWD cleric/ranger multi-classes and ranger - > cleric dual classes would be limited by whatever level you had for your ranger level in terms of your access to druid spells. In other words You'd have to be a level 6 ranger before you could cast Entangle or a level 12 ranger before you could cast Spike Growth. This was in contrast to how BG1 and 2 handled things.

However, IWDEE gives you the option of allowing cleric/rangers access to all divine spells.

If you go into the baldur.ini file in documents/icewind dale enhanced edition you'll find a line that looks like this

'Game Options', 'Cleric Ranger Spells', '1',

If you change that 1 to a 0 you will get access to all divine spells (as your cleric level allows).



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