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#10463 [All] Spirit Animals should have HP bonus in Heart of Fury mode

KingGhidorahKingGhidorah Member Posts: 200
edited November 2014 in IWD:EE Bugs (v1.4.0)
Like the topic title says, I would expect Spirit animals be treated as regular summons HP wise in HoF. Now they are very underwhelming.

To reproduce:
1) Start a new game in Heart of Fury mode with a Totemic Druid
2) Go to Damien and the goblins
3) summon a spirit animal and watch how it goes down near instant due to low HP

Expected behaviour: The spirit animals HP should scale "HoF style" like regular summons do in Heart of Fury mode.

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  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641

    Level 1 Druid Totemic Spirit Lion took 13 Damage on Insane/HoF mode before dying.
    Level 1 Summoned Goblin (Monster Summoning 1) Took 38 Damage on Insane/HoF mode and was not dead (unsummoned).


    [All] Totemic Spirit Animals should have HP increased by HoF mode.


    1) Create a party of 1 totemic druid and 1 mage
    2) Select Mage (C:CreateItem("scrl1l")
    3) (C:SetCurrentXP(20000)
    4) Level up Mage.
    5) Learn/Memorize Spell
    6) Sleep
    7) Set Insane and then HoF mode.
    8) Talk with Grisella and obtain her quest.
    9) Enter the Basement and have the druid cast totemic animal summon (I used Lion).
    10 ) Observe the lion dies to little damage.
    11) Have the mage cast Summon Monster 1
    12) Kill all but one Goblin, have that Goblin attack a beatle.
    13) Observe the goblin can take a LOT more damage before dying.

    Expected: L1 Totemic Animal Summon takes as much damage as Monster Summoning I monster summon before dying.

  • KingGhidorahKingGhidorah Member Posts: 200

    I don't see a ticket number assigned to this bug yet... is this being adressed/investigated?

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