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#10445 [All] Added points should be removable from thief skills starting in the negatives.

IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
edited November 2014 in IWD:EE Bugs (v1.4.0)
When creating a thief with low dexterity there is the potential for skills to START at a negative number (set traps -10, find traps -5, etc.)

When adding and then removing a point to these skills that start negative you cannot reduce the stat in any way at character creation time....regardless of how many points you put into the skill you can never decrease it after adding a point to it. Various observations and tests below.


1) Create a new Human Thief.
2) Set Dexterity to 9 in character creation.
3) Upon entering skill selection there are 4 skills below 0: Find Traps, Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, and Set Traps.
4) Add a point to "Find Traps" to bring it to -4 then try to remove that point, you will get "You cannot Decrease this skill any further."
5) Add 4 more points to "Find Traps" to bring it to 0, try to remove that point and you get the same "you cannot decrease"
6) Add 1 more point to bring Find Traps to 1 and you STILL cannot remove the point.
7) Observe that no matter how many points you add into a -skill you cannot remove any points from that skill after adding one.

Expected: Point addition/removal should be possible regardless of how many points you start with.

Additional Observations:

* Adding enough points to bring ALL totals above 0 still does NOT allow reduction of points in the skills that started negative.
* Adding/removing points from any skill starting at 0 or more remains viable regardless of points added to negative skills.
* Adding points to bring a negative skill above 0 still does not "fix" the skill.
* The issue does not appear in the "level up" screen...only at character creation. All skills are modifyable at level up.
* The "Character Record" does not show negative percentages. Any skill below 0 shows as "0" on the Character Record (this is likely the correct behavior). The game DOES keep track of the fact you are at -skill for level up though.

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