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[All] HoF Mode Bugs in Grisella's Cellar should attack summoned Fire Beatles

IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
The bugs in Grisella's cellar seem to ignore Monster Summoning 1 fire Beatles (they don't attack back as they do with all other monsters).

1) Set Insane Difficulty and then HoF mode.
2) Create a Mage
3) Console 20K XP to the mage to bring him to L5
4) Add "monster summoning 1" scroll (SCRL1L)
5) Add to spell book, memorize, sleep.
6) Start Grisella's Quest, enter cellar and cast Monster Summoning 1 till you get a fire beetle as part of the summoned group of monsters.
7) Have the fire beetle attack any of the Fire Beetle Targets in the Cellar.
8) Observe that the enemy beetles do not attack the summoned beetle.

Expected: As with everything attacking the beetles in HoF mode, the Enemy Fire Beetles should attack summoned fire beetle pets.

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