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[BG:EE & BG:EE 2 MOD] Card kit 0.3v WIP [ENG/PL]

zupskyzupsky Member Posts: 126
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I'd like to introduce you to my second mod, that introduces to the game a new class - Card.

I was inspired by this class
But a lot of these things would not work in BG so I just took some inspiration and went on my own way.
As a template for my spells in the mod I've used Random Spell from this mod

Unfortunately due to the limitations it isn't a new class, but a new (thief) kit. But I like pretending that it's a new class!

That's why the description says that it is a class:

CARD: The Card is a spellcaster that have never wanted to be a one. That's what makes them very different from Mages and Sorcerers. The Card's strength and curse lies in hers Enchanted Decks of Magic Cards. No one knows a lot about them, they just appear in the pocket of a random person, and never leave.

Enchanted Decks are a new powerful way to use magic, but also a very dangerous one. To successfully cast a spell, a Card cannot know what spell she is pulling out of the deck.

Because Cards have never spent time in schools studying magic, they come from a lot of different backgrounds. Some of them before becoming a Card were thieves, and some of them were warriors. That's why Cards know a little bit of spellcasting and a little bit about fighting, but aren't particularly good in either one of them.

- May only use following weapons: long sword, short sword, katana, scimitar, dagger, club, quarterstaff, crossbow, shortbow, dart, sling.
- May become Proficient (one slot) in any weapon class.
- May Specialize (two slots) in crossbows.
- May not wear armor heavier than studded leather.
- May not take off Card's Gloves.
- May not equip any kind of shields.*
- May distribute 10 points per level (20 at level 1) in thieving abilities: Pick Pockets, Open Locks, Detect Illusion.
- May not get any high level abilities.
- May cast arcane spells using Enchanted Defensive and Offensive Decks.

Uses of Decks per day:
Level I Decks: First use at level 1, additional uses at levels 2, 4, 7, 11 and 16.
Level II Decks: First use at level 3, additional uses at levels 4, 6, 9, 13 and 18.
Level III Decks: First use at level 5, additional uses at levels 6, 8, 11, 15 and 19.
Level IV Decks: First use at level 7, additional uses at levels 8, 10, 13, 17 and 20.
Level V Decks: First use at level 9, additional use at level 10, 12, 15 and 19.
Level VI Decks: First use at level 11, additional use at level 12, 14, 17 and 20.
Level VII Decks: First use at level 13, additional use at level 14, 16 and 19.
Level VIII Decks: First use at level 15, additional use at level 16, 18 i 20.
Level XI Decks: First use at level 17, additional use at level 18, 19 i 20.

- Spell casted from Enchanted Decks is randomly chosen from the Deck's pool.

In the Defensive Deck I you can find following spells:

- Protection From Petrification,
- Protection From Evil,
- Reflected Image,
- Shield,
- Armor.

In the Offensive Deck I you can find following spells

- Magic Missile,
- Color Spray,
- Blindness,
- Larloch's Minor Drain,
- Shocking Grasp,
- Spook,
- Burning Hands,
- Sleep,
- Charm Person,
- Chromatic Orb,
- Chill Touch,
- Grease.

- Alignment restricted to any except lawful.
- Hit Die: d6.

* - not implemented yet

I like pretending that it is a new class, because when you'll be playing as a Card, you certainly wouldn't play it as you would play another thief kit.
Card has randomized spells (cards) that he can cast even while wearing an armor, likes his crossbow (2 point) and has some thieving abilities.

Known issues:
- when casting a spell on some sort of a container (ex. chest) it would trigger all the spells in the deck (I don't know how to fix this tbh : <).

I need help with:
- making new icons (bam files),
- making shields unusable by Cards (tried opcode 181, maybe I'm doing something wrong),
- fixing my English in the mod.

I'm looking for suggestions:
- about lore and balancing : )

0.3v - few little fixes
0.2v - compatible with BG:EE2
- Card as a class feature cannot get HLAs
- updated class description in the mod and in the topic

Please check out my first mod : )
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  • RoarRoar Member Posts: 41
    edited November 2014
    This is a very interesting idea. Ill playtest it later =) does this work w bgee as well as bgee2?
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  • zupskyzupsky Member Posts: 126
    edited November 2014
    Right now just bg:ee
    I'm such a derp, just realized I've posted this topic in BG:EE 2 topics.
    I'd like to make this mod compatible with BG:EE 2 by the end of the week so I guess there is no big harm in here...
    EDIT 2:
    It's compatible with BG:EE and BG:EE 2 : )
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  • ChaosRiderChaosRider Member Posts: 26
    Hi! I've installed your patch but there is a problem. Problem is with thief points which are in other classes used for hiding, silent moving, opening locks. In CARD kit you have these points but no options to use them so you can't pass setting skills while creating your unit - same for SNIPER kit from thief class.
  • ojthesimpsonojthesimpson Member Posts: 121
    I cant get any mods listed on this site as working to work. my command prompt opens up then immediately closes? how do I at least get command prompt to stay open so I can see what it's not working
  • zupskyzupsky Member Posts: 126
    edited July 2015
    Sorry for the late response guys, I was away doing university stuff.
    Hi, I actually don't understand what your problem is. Card kit is supposed to receive thief points and he is able to allocate them to opening locks, picking pockets and detecting illusion. Just checked this and it is working as intended for me.
    I have no idea why weidu (I guess you are talking about it) doesn't work for you. Are you sure you are putting mods in the right folder? They are supposed to be installed in BG:EE\Data\numbers.
  • ojthesimpsonojthesimpson Member Posts: 121
    yeah im putting it in the right folder. I've installed them before too. something with windows 8.1 is saying no way to these mods.
  • PorcelynPorcelyn Member Posts: 65
    I am going to try this out. I really enjoyed your lost druid kit and this one looks even more interesting.
  • NikodemeusNikodemeus Member Posts: 2
    Looks like a fun class to play for certain, but my concern is for those who like solo runs, there is not a lot of survivability that a generic thief has such has stealth, backstab and traps. You do however have a few spells to cast, but you never know what prot. spell you're gonna have. You could be hoping for reflected image and wind up with quite possibly the most useless prot. spell out there. Prot. from Petrification. (unless your fighting basilisks, in which case you may not even get that spell.

    Anyway. Love the build. I'm playing it now as solo run but i think it needs a few more survival tactics.
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,458
    Does this class have the thief xp table? If so he can gain levels very rapidly and, at lvl 17 he can cast a random lvl 9 spell from deck 9? (Btw I think it is supposed to be deck IX, because AFAIK XI is 11, not 9)
    That should be a bit overpowered when you consider a mage of equevalant xp is still at lvl 14-15 or lower.
    But then again the class never gets hlas and never has control on which spell he casts, so that may be a fair trade off. I plan to try this kit!
  • YoshYosh Member Posts: 16
    Hey there :)
    I played with your kit on my last playthrough of BG1EE (with SCS installed) from start to finish and I had a really great time playing it. I tried playing a 'Wild Mage' a couple of times in the past, but always ended up changing the class with the keeper after a while, because it was too random for me. But your kit has just the perfect amount of randomness, to be surprising but still manageable, which made playing it a lot of fun. In terms of balance I found it to be competitive, but not overpowered; can't comment on BG2-balance though, have to play the kit in that environment yet. Anyway, just wanted to say 'thank you', keep up the good work. Hopefully one day you can add new icons for the decks, that would be really neat. :)
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