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Knight at Dorn's Deep Entrance

Is there anything I'm supposed to be able to do with the Voice of Durdel Anatha? I killed him when I entered, then he turned blue again, and now he doesn't interact with me. For that matter, is he in the original game? I don't remember him being there. It seems like it's hinting at a quest, so I'm wondering if this is restored content.



  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,600
    Cut content restored. You'll see him again.

  • Ancalagon44Ancalagon44 Member Posts: 252
    edited November 2014
    He will eventually get up again and fight you again, and again, and again. There is a way to bring him peace.

    EDIT: In other words, just walk away, he will find you again later and attack you again.

  • superliminaldudesuperliminaldude Member Posts: 27
    Figured it out. Cool, I liked that quest.

  • GawainBSGawainBS Member Posts: 512
    Could you please post the solution to this quest?

  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
    Just keep playing. Knock him down each time you encounter him and then avoid him. The fallen priests seem to have a handle on him so there may be a good place to look for a conclusion.

  • FandraxxFandraxx Member Posts: 174
    Keep in mind that if your are quick enough or use something like haste you can possibly out run it, at least when i played it never followed me to a new area.

  • GawainBSGawainBS Member Posts: 512
    I encountered him in Marketh's palace once more. I was planning on starting HoW now, since the only thing left to do is going to the Fallen Temple, but IIRC, that triggers the whole end-battle sequence.

  • SedSed Member Posts: 789
    @GawainBS‌ I would visit the rock gnome city and speak to Nym ;)

  • GawainBSGawainBS Member Posts: 512
    Yes, I did that already, and I just tackled the Fallen Temple. The quest solved itself, basicly. Thanks!

  • madmaximusmadmaximus Member Posts: 134
    where are you supposed to take his bones?

  • billygreatbillygreat Member Posts: 66
    Church in Kuldahar, I think.

  • sunblazesunblaze Member Posts: 2
    Okay I have to admit I absolutely suck at this quest. Can someone please give some clear instructions on how to solve it? Harkon is a babbeling fool, the voice "died" permanently after the idol was smashed (bug?) and talking to Nym about his theft and afterwards the voice doesn't work either.

  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
    Encounter the first instance of the voice, smash it.

    Go to Nym - find out the history.

    Go to priests, encounter voice again. Reason with it using the knowledge learned from Nym and make it realise the priests are evil and stinky.


  • MrGoodkatMrGoodkat Member Posts: 167
    I think you can't finish the quest if you destroy the Idol before speaking to Harken. Or maybe it's just a weird bug, but the same thing happened to me.

    Fought the Voice a couple of times => cleared out Fallen Temple => spoke to Harken => Voice teleports in and immediately dies *permanently* => No Quest, No XP

  • FRUTZKFRUTZK Member Posts: 18
    Damn, if that's true Goodkat, then I'm in the same boat. Might have to EEKeeper the bones in and see if I can complete quest... hmmm

  • LuKe_pLuKe_p Member Posts: 1
    MrGoodkat said:

    I think you can't finish the quest if you destroy the Idol before speaking to Harken. Or maybe it's just a weird bug, but the same thing happened to me.

    Fought the Voice a couple of times => cleared out Fallen Temple => spoke to Harken => Voice teleports in and immediately dies *permanently* => No Quest, No XP

    Happend to my also. Didn't recieve any bones and there is nothing I can do about it :/

  • Dentinwolf88Dentinwolf88 Member Posts: 1

    Had the same problem. After speaking to Harken, he will summon Durdel, BEFORE destroying the Idol, speak to Anatha and tell him wait Nym had admitted and quest proceeds as normal.

  • SwiftestSwiftest Member Posts: 1
    +1, just had this problem myself.

  • IchthyicIchthyic Member Posts: 89
    part of the confusion comes from one of the popular walkthroughs (haeravon's) which mentions finding pale justice BEFORE you ever even go to the temple.

    that walkthrough needs some updating, especially for ch6.

  • IchthyicIchthyic Member Posts: 89
    edited March 2015
    seriously, someone needs to make a sticky with *exactly* the steps, in order, and exactly WHERE the people involved are located, and when exactly you need to talk to them, and what you need to say.

    it's really immensely confusing.

    the most confusing "quest" in the whole game, hands down, IMO.


    I'll give it a go (note, this is STRICTLY for the quest; there are other things to do along the way):

    1. Encounter Durdel in the entrance to lower Dorn, put him down once.
    2. go to the elevator in the entrance area to lower Dorn (it's the one to the NW from where you enter).
    3. follow the instructions from Tarnelm there; he needs food.
    4. go to the palace courtyard, clear it, go to the Palace entrance. Get food from the kitchen (potatoes in container there).
    5. go back and give food to tarnelm. follow his instructions as to how to get to gnome village.
    6. find trader Nym as you enter the village. get what you want from him, then talk to him about where he's been. find out about what he did to make money. kill him (or... agree with his choices if you're a libertarian and don't kill him. Hey, the free market will sort it, right?).
    7. go back to palace courtyard, enter temple. defeat the undead right in front of you (JUST the bone golems, mind), then carefully stick to the southern wall and move eastward until you see brother harken. Ignore everything else and talk to harken, and he will summon Durdel again. IMMEDIATELY talk to Durdel. tell him about what you learned from NYM.
    8. pick up "the voice's bones" from the ground after Durdel dissipates himself. kill the bone golems around you, and go back to the southern wall and then to the exit to the courtyard. Or, you can freely wipe out all of the undead in this level of the temple and the idol at this point if you wish, now that you have the bones.
    9*. take the bones to the church in Kuldahar (required to finish quest; not required to get the special umber hulk spawn).
    10. go back to the palace courtyard, go to the artisan's quarter, go west as far as you can, you should see an eye trap on the ground. go a little north from there(which is also north from the second entrance), then west again into the culdesac. the umber should break out of a house there. carefully search the rubble, and you'll see there is an entrance to a little house with a body in it.



    *step 9 is NOT required to get the umber hulks to spawn

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  • Alesh91Alesh91 Member Posts: 24
    edited June 2017
    Well, I messed up. Can someone post creature names and variables involved in the quest, so I can try to solve it with console and EEkeeper?

    EDIT: Or the XP and material rewards involved?
    EDIT2: Solved. Creature code for spawn via console is "VOICE"
    EDIT3: Can't turn in the bones at Kuldahar temple. Advice?

    Post edited by Alesh91 on
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,801
    Hilariously, the last time I tried this quest in non-EE IWD, using the cut content mod, something bugged and at one point 30 copies of the voice spawned and would continue to everytime I entered a new room.

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