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[Windows] Baldur's Gate Bridge Map Doesn't Show Drawbridge State

outspacedoutspaced Member Posts: 6
edited November 2014 in BG:EE Bugs (v1.3)
[Windows] Baldur's Gate Bridge Map Doesn't Show Drawbridge State

1. Open access to Baldur's Gate by advancing to Chapter 5: C:SetGlobal("CHAPTER", "GLOBAL", 5)
2. Go to the Baldur's Gate Bridge: C:MoveToArea("AR0900")
3. Press M to bring up the area map.

Although the drawbridge is now down, the area map shows the drawbridge still up. Party members can be seen to pass through a wooden wall as they walk across the bridge, or even hover in mid-air!

The area map should change to reflect whether the drawbridge is up (Chapter is less than 5) or down (Chapter is greater than 4).

I don't remember if this bug existed in the original game or not. See screenshot to see characters hovering.

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