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Custom soundsets on iOS crash bg/bg2 EE

I thought about posting this in the Troubleshooting section, but since it only applies to custom soundsets, and not officials, I thought Modding would be a better fit.

I use custom soundsets pretty liberally in my BG/bg2 EE games and have never had a problem with them on the PC. I'll go online, pull sound bites from movies, then use sound file processing software to export them as .wav files. Easy peasey.

However, I've run into a frustrating problem with running custom soundsets on iOS. I can transfer them no problem, taking the same sets that work perfectly on the PC and dropping them into the \sounds folder on the iOS using iFunBox. Once the cache clears I see the set in the list of available sets from the character/customize/sounds screen.

Now the problem: iOS crashes to the main screen (out of game) when I try to play some of the files. The same files that play fine on the PC version. I did some Google searching on the issue and the closest thread I could find had a post where a person experienced the same issue with Jon Irenicis' sounds and found that reducing the file size to < 124k fixed the problem.

I checked my file sizes: some that worked fine on iOS are well over 124k (208k) while one of the constant crashing files is only in this case file size does not appear to be the culprit. Then I looked at Bit rates. I've got a variety of numbers spread across both crashing and working files, with no discernible pattern pointing to bit rate as the culprit.

That brought me here, hat in hand. Does anybody have a hard and fast set of rules for getting sound files to work on the iOS? Has anybody experienced a similar problem and found a workaround? Is this just a known issue with bg/bg2 on iOS (I didn't see it but my search-fu could be weak)?


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