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The Voice's Bone quest

Hi guys and gals.

I'm having trouble with, what I think is a quest, in Lower Dorns Deep.
After killing the Voice-guy he asks you to take his bones to a Trinity Temple. I can't find a note of it in my journal and I have no recollection of that temple.

Can someone explain this to me?


  • billygreatbillygreat Member Posts: 66
    Take the bones to the temple in Kuldahar. On HOF the reward is a whopping 1.260.000 XP.
  • SamuelVargSamuelVarg Member Posts: 598
    Correct me if I'm wrong but if I remember right when I played HoW back in 2002 (?) the map changed when you started to play HoW and you couldn't go to Kuldahar.
  • billygreatbillygreat Member Posts: 66
    HOF is the hardest difficulty, not HOW the expansion.
  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    You can after a certain point, but HOF = Heart of Fury mode, not Heart of Winter.
  • SamuelVargSamuelVarg Member Posts: 598
    I see. That always made me confused. Thank you.
  • SamuelVargSamuelVarg Member Posts: 598
    So let me get this straight before I finish IWD.
    In Kuldahar I met a barbarian who wanted me to go on a quest. How I think. I wasn't ready then and shoudl return later. Is this the expansion within IWD or can I import my characters after finishing the game and continue the same way?
  • billygreatbillygreat Member Posts: 66
    You can do it both ways, but if I remember correctly from the old IWD, after the final battle in IWD I was instant ported to HOW after the final boss and my gold and the content of the bags ( potion, scroll, gems) was removed. ( from 300.000 gold I was ported with 15.000).
    Here in IWD EE, in chapter 6 , right before the Poquelin battle( aka point of no return) I started HOW with the Kuldahar shaman and I was ported with my gold and bags content intact.
  • macomeaumacomeau Member Posts: 80
    You can do either (or, technically, both). You can have Hjollder, the barbarian in Kuldahar, take you to Heart of Winter or you can finish the game, export, start a new Heart of Winter with imported characters.

    Also: The second expansion, Trials of the Luremaster, is accessed from inside Heart of Winter, and it can only be accessed from inside Heart of Winter.
  • SamuelVargSamuelVarg Member Posts: 598
    Never played Trials of the Luremaster and never got hooked on Hearts of Winter. To much hack n slash and to few puzzles and adventures.
    Might give it a try now.
  • UOLegacyUOLegacy Member Posts: 146
    The bones quest is no longer active since I went with the shaman first instead of finished it before HOW.
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