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Request: Tutu/BGT functionality. (Moving to SoA w/o importing character)

DeisDeis Member Posts: 24
edited August 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)
I personally greatly enjoy continuing my Baldur's Gate adventure into SoA without having to switch games and import the PC character. I am hoping that such functionality will automatically be included as I have read that some of the modders from these very popular mods are in contact with the Devs. The ability to jump into the next game and still keep any mod added NPC's with you is invaluable. Plus it is much more enjoyable from an immersion perspective. If the BGEE and BG2EE are using the same engine (I assume they will) then this really has no reason to not be implemented.

I didn't see this mentioned in the request list but I would hope that this feature will be incorporated into the games as they are released.



  • BerconBercon Member Posts: 486
    Somebody said that the romances would continue from BG1 to BG2 with the new NPCs so I think some kind of import/export system would be implemented for partys NPCs too.

    I think you could handle this with affects attached to your main char (like kensais armor bonus etc.), but it would still create discontinuity with your NPCs spell choices, possible changes stats (tomes), dual classes and so on.

    From my opinion, this feature is critical to have.

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