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Make Windows version portable!?

In order to play the IWD:EE on Windows you need OpenAL and Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable installed on your system. This can be overcome by copying the corresponding DLLs (OpenAL32.dll, wrap_oal.dll & mfc90.dll) to your game directory. After that it is possible to copy the game directory to an USB-stick and start the game without installing anything. But the game will still look for the Baldur.ini, [save]-, [portrait]-directory and so on in your home directory (Windows 7: '$root$\Users\$username$\Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition'). Is it possible to change this behavior? For example by passing a command line flag to icewind.exe (anything like 'icewind.exe --config .\Baldur.ini)!? I'm asking just for the fun of it...

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