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#10764 Items granting extra spells should grant the same total regardless of order equipped.

fearlessfearless Member Posts: 33
edited November 2014 in IWD:EE Bugs (v1.4.0)

The order in which multiple magic items that grant extra spells are equipped, will change the amount of spell slots and spells gained.

Resting will restore the full amount of spell slots, however reloading will show a spell that is not surrounded by a spell slot (no red or grey border). Clearing a used or unused spell from another slot with drop all spells back 1 position to the left, and clear the last spell that was shown without the grey or red borders thus losing that spell slot.


Extra spells gained from multiple equipped magic items should be a consistent value, regardless of the order of equipping them. Visual bug after loading game for extra spell showing without spell slot borders will not be an issue if calculated extra spells from multiple items is done using a consistent formula.


I am only referencing the mage 1st level spells in the steps to reproduce the issue, but it does effect other spell levels and is not restricted to just mage characters.
You can repeat the steps listed and change the order of equipping items: kontik's ring first and then the mage dagger +3, to see the number of spells granted is different.

Other relevant information related to the reproduce list, and the save game file:
  • Character: Ilauna Mage Level 11.
  • Magic Item: Kontik's Ring of Wizardry - Can cast double the number of 1st- and 2nd level wizard spells.
  • Magic Item: Mage Dagger +3 - Can cast one extra 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-level wizard spell.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
  1. load attached game save file.
  2. Select the character Ilauna, Mage Level 11
  3. Unselect the mage dagger +3 and kontik's ring, place in characters inventory. Check the wizards spells which will now show the default spells for the mage of his/her level, in this example, for the character Ilauna, it is 5 x 1st lvl spells.
  4. Equipt mage dagger +3 in Ilauna's hand as primary selected weapon - Check wizards spells, which now shows you one extra 1st lvl spell. Total spells are now 6 x 1st lvl spells in total.
  5. Add kontik's ring of wizardry - Check wizards spells, which now shows doubles the spells as 12 x 1st lvl spells in total.
  6. Rest.
  7. Save game.
  8. Reload the save game you just saved. Look at wizard spells, which now show 11 slots and 12 usable spells.
  9. Clear one spell from wizards spells list. Each spell shifts 1 position to the left to fill in any blank spell slots, which also has the effect of removing the last spell - the spell which was not in a slot. User is now left with 11 spell slots and 11 usable spells.

Possible Solutions:
  • Prevent equipping of item that grants extra spells if user is already holding/wearing an item that does this. (User must choose best item to use) This is similar to preventing user from wearing ring of protection +2 if they are for example already wearing a cloak of protection +2.
  • Implement some sort of item precedence, where items that offer a multiplier of spells gained, are placed first in calculating extra spells, then all other items that offer additions of spells are added:

    (base spells for wizards level * mutiplier item) + addition item

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