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Scrolling through areas in IWD EE (for MS Surface)

I'm having issues trying to explore Easthaven after starting a new game in IWD EE. I've played through the PC versions of BG EE and BG2 EE on my Surface Pro 3 by changing the graphics option to full screen and using the stylus to hover over the edge of they playing window and this allowed me to scroll through the area. However, this isn't working in IWD EE. I switched to full screen but when I try to hover over the edge of the playing window I don't see the rotating arrow for scrolling through the area and I'm subsequently not able to scroll through the area.

Is this a bug? Did this feature change in IWD EE? If it did change does anyone know if there any way to work around this similar to BG EE and BG2 EE on a Surface? There's not much else for graphics options to play with so I haven't found anything to make this work yet.

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