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AbelAbel Member Posts: 785
I'm posting this as it is since I don't know when I'll be able to improve things. Feel free to make suggestions.

EDIT: apparently, even one table is more than 100K characters too long but I managed to put a Weapon table and you'll find an Armor table in my second post.
I attached several files. One contains the WeiDU code used to retrieve the data; the other is the full list in .xlsx and .pdf. After many trials, I was able to format the description. I only kept the "STATISTICS" part to make the whole thing more readable.
I guess a website would be more convenient but that's another work.


PROFICIENCY                	RESSOURCE	NAME                                   
Axe 2HAXE Two-Handed Axe
Axe AX1H01 Battle Axe
Axe AX1H02 Battle Axe +1
Axe AX1H03 Battle Axe +2
Axe AX1H04 Throwing Axe
Axe AX1H05 Throwing Axe +2
Axe AX2-12S
Axe AX2H01 Two-Handed Axe
Axe AXEMINO Axe of the Minotaur Lord +4
Axe CDYOUNG Young Rage +5
Axe CELEBRA The Celebrant's Blade +4
Axe ENSW2H Battle Axe +3
Axe FKILLER Faith Killer +2
Axe HQAXE High Quality Battle Axe
Axe I#AXE Two-Handed Axe
Axe J2HAXE Joril's Axe +3
Axe LONESOM Lonesome Road +3
Axe RANAX Battle Axe
Axe U1HAX1A Flawless Battle Axe
Axe U1HAX2A Charged Battle Axe +2
Axe U1HAX3A Poisonous Battle Axe +2
Axe U1HAX3B Battle Axe +2: Defender
Axe U1HAX4A Battle Axe +3: Fatigue
Axe U1HAX4B Benorg's Truth +3
Axe U2HAX1A Flawless Two-Handed Axe
Axe U2HAX2A Two-Handed Fire Axe +1
Axe U2HAX3A Infected Two-Handed Axe +2
Axe U2HAX3B Two-Handed Axe +2: Life Giver
Axe U2HAX4A Two-Handed Axe of Greater Phasing +2
Axe U2HAX4B Two-Handed Axe of Resistance +3
Axe U2HAX5A Foe's Fate +4
Axe XAX1H03 Battle Axe +2
Axe YOUNG Young Rage +5
Axe ZZN6GC Guktok's Chopper +2
Axe ZZU6CS Axe of Caged Souls +3
Bastard Sword AMAUNAT Amaunator's Legacy +3
Bastard Sword BEHWEP
Bastard Sword COMPS01 Bastard Sword
Bastard Sword HQBSWRD High Quality Bastard Sword
Bastard Sword RANBSWD Bastard Sword
Bastard Sword REAVER The Snow Maiden's Reaver +2
Bastard Sword SW1H01 Bastard Sword
Bastard Sword SW1H02 Bastard Sword +1
Bastard Sword SW1H03 Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters
Bastard Sword UBSWD1A Fang
Bastard Sword UBSWD2A Phasing Bastard Sword +1
Bastard Sword UBSWD2B Flaming Bastard Sword +1
Bastard Sword UBSWD3A Bastard Sword +2: Life Giver
Bastard Sword UBSWD3B Bastard Sword of Action +1
Bastard Sword UBSWD4A Bastard Sword +3: Defender
Bastard Sword UBSWD4B Bastard Sword of Greater Phasing +3
Bastard Sword UBSWD4C Bastard Sword +2: Conflagration
Bastard Sword UBSWD5A Cancerous Bastard Sword +4
Bastard Sword UBSWD5B Bastard Sword +3: Incinerator
Bastard Sword ZZG7TS Trollslayer +1, +4 vs. trolls
Club BLUN01 Club
Club CLUB6-24
Club DAZER Dazer
Club DEBIAN Debian's Rod of Smiting
Club GASP Club
Club PEACEKE Peacekeeper +3
Club SCEPTRE Scepter of Tyranny +4
Club SHILLEL Shillelagh
Club SMCUDGE Star Metal Cudgel
Club SVIAN Svian's Club +5
Club XCLUB Dazer
Club ZZS6SC Evil Spider Crusher of Doom +2
Crossbow CDXBOWBM Bren Muller's Crossbow
Crossbow DAISY Daisy +3
Crossbow DLXBOW Light Crossbow
Crossbow HQHXBOW High Quality Heavy Crossbow
Crossbow HQLXBOW High Quality Light Crossbow
Crossbow LXBOWBM Bren Muller's Crossbow
Crossbow MDK2GUN Big Gun
Crossbow UHXBW2A Finest Heavy Crossbow
Crossbow UHXBW3A Heavy Crossbow of Defense +2
Crossbow UHXBW3B Heavy Crossbow of Speed +2
Crossbow UHXBW4A Reinforced Heavy Crossbow +4
Crossbow UHXBW5A Repeating Heavy Crossbow +3
Crossbow ULXBW2A Finest Light Crossbow
Crossbow ULXBW3A Light Crossbow of Defense +2
Crossbow ULXBW3B Light Crossbow of Speed +2
Crossbow ULXBW5A Repeating Light Crossbow +3
Crossbow XBOW01 Heavy Crossbow
Crossbow XBOW02 Heavy Crossbow +1
Crossbow XBOW03 Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy
Crossbow XBOW04 Light Crossbow
Crossbow XBOW05 Light Crossbow +1
Crossbow XBOW06 Light Crossbow of Speed
Crossbow XXBOW06 Light Crossbow of Speed
Dagger APPLEBN Applebane +1
Dagger AURIL Breath of Auril +3
Dagger CWMJELL Attack
Dagger CWOJELL Attack
Dagger DAGG01 Dagger
Dagger DAGG02 Dagger +1
Dagger DAGG03 Dagger +2
Dagger DAGG04 Dagger +2, Longtooth
Dagger DAGG05 Throwing Dagger
Dagger EHDAG Apsel's Dagger
Dagger FANGGF Fang of the Gloomfrost +4
Dagger FIREKIS Fire Kiss +3
Dagger GULLWYN Dagger of Safe Harbor +3
Dagger HQDAGG High Quality Dagger
Dagger KRIS Bone Kris of Black Ichor +3
Dagger LOVER Lover +4
Dagger MISC75 Dagger of Venom +2
Dagger NYMDAGG Nym's Dagger +2
Dagger PRESDAG Presio's Dagger +2
Dagger RELIAN Reliance +4
Dagger SPINE Spinesheath +1
Dagger TONGUE The Salamander's Tongue +3
Dagger UDAGG1A Fire Dagger +1
Dagger UDAGG1B Phase Dagger
Dagger UDAGG2A Static Dagger +1
Dagger UDAGG2B Mage Dagger +1
Dagger UDAGG3A Fire Dagger +2
Dagger UDAGG3B Mage Dagger +2
Dagger UDAGG3C Life Dagger +2
Dagger UDAGG4A Chaos Dagger +3
Dagger UDAGG4B Mage Dagger +3
Dagger UDAGG5A Mage Dagger +4
Dagger WITHERY Ol' Withery +2
Darts DART01 Dart
Darts DART02 Dart +1
Darts DART03 Dart of Stunning +1
Darts DART04 Dart of Wounding +1
Darts DARTZIL Zilzanzer's Magnificent Dart +1
Darts MDK2MTOV Molotov Cocktail
Darts UDART1A Hammer Darts
Darts UDART2A Berserker Darts
Darts UDART3A Fire Dart +2
Darts UDART3B Blinding Dart +2
Darts UDART4A Static Dart +3
Darts UDART5A Inferno Dart +4
Flail/Morning Star BLUN02 Flail
Flail/Morning Star BLUN03 Flail +1
Flail/Morning Star BLUN06 Morning Star
Flail/Morning Star BLUN07 Morning Star +1
Flail/Morning Star ENMORN Morning Star +3
Flail/Morning Star FLAILSK Skullflail +4
Flail/Morning Star GIVING The Giving Star
Flail/Morning Star HQMSTAR High Quality Morning Star
Flail/Morning Star MAE Flail of Mae
Flail/Morning Star PEST Pestilent Dawn +4
Flail/Morning Star SFLAIL Flail
Flail/Morning Star TOMB Tombsweeper +3
Flail/Morning Star UFLAL2A Crooked Flail +1
Flail/Morning Star UFLAL2B Hammer Flail +2
Flail/Morning Star UFLAL3A Fast Flail +2
Flail/Morning Star UFLAL4A Fire Flail +3
Flail/Morning Star UFLAL5A Shocking Flail +4
Flail/Morning Star UMSTR2A Morning Star of Confusion +1
Flail/Morning Star UMSTR2B Lesser Static Star +1
Flail/Morning Star UMSTR3A Morning Star +2: Hammer
Flail/Morning Star UMSTR3B Sanctified Morning Star +3
Flail/Morning Star UMSTR3C Morning Star of Lesser Phasing +2
Flail/Morning Star UMSTR4A Morning Star of the Gods
Flail/Morning Star UMSTR4B Static Star +3
Flail/Morning Star UMSTR5A Morning Star of Action +4
Flail/Morning Star UMSTR5B Morning Star +4: Defender
Flail/Morning Star XBLUN07 Morning Star +1
Flail/Morning Star ZZM5MH Misery's Herald +3
Halberd FAYR Fayr's Halberd +3
Halberd HALB01 Halberd
Halberd HQHALB High Quality Halberd
Halberd LONGCLEV Long Cleaver +4
Halberd PEASREW Peasant's Reward +2
Halberd POWER The Icon of Power +3
Halberd TONGGF Tongue of the Gloomfrost +4
Halberd UHALB1A Halberd of Sparks +1
Halberd UHALB2A Diseased Halberd +1
Halberd UHALB2B Finest Halberd
Halberd UHALB2C Giant Halberd
Halberd UHALB3A Halberd +1: Defender
Halberd UHALB3B Darig's Rest +2
Halberd UHALB3C Life Halberd +2
Halberd UHALB4A Doom Halberd +3
Halberd UHALB4B Star-Forged Halberd +3
Halberd UHALB5A Great Halberd +4
Katana SW1H43 Katana
Katana SW1H44 Katana +1
Katana SW1H45 Darkened Glory +2
Katana SW1H51 Solemn Duty +3
Katana SW1H55 Katana +2
Long Sword AXLIZMAN Halberd
Long Sword AXYUANTI Halberd
Long Sword BAEL The Blade of Bael +3
Long Sword BLAKBLAD Black Blade of Disaster
Long Sword BLCKSWD Long Sword
Long Sword BLYUANTI Halberd
Long Sword CDGLOOM Gloom +4
Long Sword CDMYR The Sword of Myrloch Vale
Long Sword CWSPGRD Long Sword of Action +4
Long Sword CYNICIS Cynicism +4
Long Sword ENSW1H01 Long Sword +3
Long Sword EREVAIN Erevain's Broad Sword +2
Long Sword HQLSWRD High Quality Long Sword
Long Sword INTRCES Intercession +1
Long Sword JHOSWD2 Restored Blade of Aihonen +5
Long Sword JHOSWD3 Singing Blade of Aihonen +5
Long Sword KISSGF Kiss of the Gloomfrost +4
Long Sword LALIZMAN Halberd
Long Sword LSHAND Long Sword of the Hand +3
Long Sword M2D4SLAS
Long Sword M5D4SLAS
Long Sword MSLIZMAN Halberd
Long Sword MYRLOCH The Sword of Myrloch Vale
Long Sword NALIZMAN Halberd
Long Sword POLIZMAN Halberd
Long Sword S1-12
Long Sword SHLSWRD2
Long Sword SW1H04 Long Sword
Long Sword SW1H05 Long Sword +1
Long Sword SW1H06 Varscona +2
Long Sword SWYUANTI Halberd
Long Sword TELIZMAN Halberd
Long Sword TURODAH Turodahel +2
Long Sword ULSWD1A Finest Long Sword
Long Sword ULSWD2A Fine Long Sword +1
Long Sword ULSWD2B Spiked Long Sword +1
Long Sword ULSWD3A Flaming Long Sword +2
Long Sword ULSWD3B Long Sword of Confusion +2
Long Sword ULSWD3C Life's Gift +2
Long Sword ULSWD3D Long Sword of Action +2
Long Sword ULSWD4A Hold Fast +3
Long Sword ULSWD4B Long Sword +3: Enforcer
Long Sword ULSWD5A Long Sword of Action +4
Long Sword ULSWD5B Bhaal's Fire +3
Long Sword ZZ36DGD Dead God's Dreaming +4, +6 vs. good
Long Sword ZZ57PJ Pale Justice +4
Long Sword ZZC8HB Hell's Bane +4
Long Sword ZZF6AL Alamion +3
Longbow BLCKBOW The Black Bow +3
Longbow BOW01 Composite Longbow
Longbow BOW02 Composite Longbow +1
Longbow BOW03 Longbow
Longbow BOW04 Longbow +1
Longbow BOW07 Longbow of Marksmanship
Longbow BOWMESS Messenger of Sseth +1
Longbow CLBHAND Composite Longbow of the Hand
Longbow KAYBOW Kaylessa's Bow +3
Longbow SHLGBOW2
Longbow ULBOW1A Huge Longbow
Longbow ULBOW2A Longbow +1: Protector
Longbow ULBOW2B Longbow +2: Defender
Longbow ULBOW3A Longbow +2: Protector
Longbow ULBOW3C Longbow of Action +2
Longbow ULBOW4A Longbow +3: Repeater
Longbow ULBOW4B Longbow +3: Defender
Longbow ULBOW5A Longbow +4: Hammer
Longbow XLBOW04 Longbow +1
Mace BESS The Love of Black Bess +3
Mace BLUN04 Mace
Mace BLUN05 Mace +1
Mace DOVES Three White Doves +3
Mace ENMACE Mace +3
Mace FISTGF Fist of the Gloomfrost +4
Mace HQMACE High Quality Mace
Mace POQ2-16
Mace ZZ05WE The Mace of Weal and Woe +1
Mace ZZJ6SP Selûne's Promise +1
Quarterstaff BDSUMST The Summoner's Staff +3
Quarterstaff BDSUMSTX The Summoner's Staff +3
Quarterstaff DECASTA Decastave
Quarterstaff ENSTAFF Quarterstaff +3
Quarterstaff ERON The Staff of Eron +3
Quarterstaff MORADIN Staff of Moradin's Breath
Quarterstaff NATURE Staff of Nature's Wrath +1
Quarterstaff QUOST Quost's Staff of the Elements +4
Quarterstaff SHSTAFF Staff of the Hand +3
Quarterstaff SPENSTAF Spendelard's Protector +1
Quarterstaff STAF01 Quarterstaff
Quarterstaff STAF02 Quarterstaff +1
Quarterstaff STAF3-8
Quarterstaff STAFBES Staff of Besieging +2
Quarterstaff STAFHMG Staff of the Hanged Man's Glee +1
Quarterstaff XSTAFHMG Staff of the Hanged Man's Glee +1
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō BDWAKI1 Morohanotsurugi +3
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō FBLADE Flame Blade
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō LUCKY The Lucky Scimitar +2
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō MIELIKK Cradle of Mielikki +1
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō SCIMITA Scimitar
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō SW1H15 Scimitar +3, Frostbrand
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō SW1H20 Scimitar
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō SW1H46 Wakizashi
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō SW1H47 Wakizashi +1
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō SW1H48 Ninjatō
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō SW1H49 Ninjatō +1
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō TALONGF Talon of the Gloomfrost
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō VALIANT Valiant +2
Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō ZZD5WOH Wind of Heaven +4, +5 vs. elementals
Short Sword BIRON Blood Iron +4
Short Sword DAYS The Sword of Days +3
Short Sword DIVER Spell Diver +2
Short Sword ENSW1H02 Short Sword +3
Short Sword HQSSWRD High Quality Short Sword
Short Sword SHSSWRD Short Sword of the Hand +3
Short Sword SW1H07 Short Sword
Short Sword SW1H08 Short Sword +1
Short Sword SW1H09 Short Sword +2
Short Sword SW1H10 Short Sword of Backstabbing
Short Sword USSWD2A Flaming Short Sword +1
Short Sword USSWD2B Short Sword of Lesser Phasing +1
Short Sword USSWD3A Sloth +2
Short Sword USSWD3B Some God's Lesser Promise +2
Short Sword USSWD3C Short Sword of Action +2
Short Sword USSWD4A Short Sword of Shadows +3
Short Sword USSWD4B Static Short Sword +3
Short Sword USSWD5A Short Sword of Health +4
Short Sword USSWD5B Short Sword +4: Hammer
Short Sword XSW1H09 Short Sword +2
Short Sword XUSSWD3 Short Sword of Action +2
Short Sword ZZE6PE Pig's Eye +4
Shortbow BOW05 Shortbow
Shortbow BOW06 Shortbow +1
Shortbow COMPB05 Shortbow
Shortbow HQSBOW High Quality Shortbow
Shortbow SBOWEBU Shortbow of Ebullience +3
Shortbow STORM Storm Bow +2
Sling JAMISON Jamison's Sling +4
Sling QUINN Quinn's Fancy Sling +3
Sling SLINGED Edley's Sling +3
Sling SLNG01 Sling
Sling SLNG02 Sling +1
Sling XSLNG02 Sling +1
Sling ZZH8GK Giant Killer +1, +4 vs. giants
Spear BITEME Spear of Kerish +3
Spear KINETIC Kinetic Spear +2
Spear POKER Puny's Poker +3
Spear SLAYER Slayer +5
Spear SPER01 Spear
Spear SPER02 Spear +1
Spear SPER03 Spear +3, Backbiter
Spear WHTASH The Spear of White Ash +3
Two-Handed Sword CAIRN Cairn Blade +4
Two-Handed Sword HANDGF Hand of the Gloomfrost +4
Two-Handed Sword HQ2HSWD High Quality Two-Handed Long Sword
Two-Handed Sword KRESWRD Kresselack's Sword +1
Two-Handed Sword PIKEMAN Pikeman's End +3
Two-Handed Sword SERRATE Serrated Bone Blade +3
Two-Handed Sword SKELWASU Two-handed Sword +1
Two-Handed Sword SW2H01 Two-Handed Sword
Two-Handed Sword SW2H02 Two-Handed Sword +1
Two-Handed Sword UTSWD1A Flawless Two-Handed Sword
Two-Handed Sword UTSWD2A Giant Two-Handed Sword
Two-Handed Sword UTSWD2B Two-Handed Sword +1: Hammering
Two-Handed Sword UTSWD2C Two-Handed Sword of Resistance +1
Two-Handed Sword UTSWD3A Two-Handed Sword +2: Hammering
Two-Handed Sword UTSWD3B Two-Handed Sword +2: Defender
Two-Handed Sword UTSWD4A Two-Handed Sword +4: Backbiter
Two-Handed Sword UTSWD4B Two-Handed Sword +3: Bane
Two-Handed Sword UTSWD5A Static Two-Handed Sword +4
Two-Handed Sword UTSWD5B Two-Handed Sword +4: Life Giver
Two-Handed Sword ZZZ6BC Bonecleaver +1
War Hammer B2-16 Skull
War Hammer BLOODGF Blood of the Gloomfrost +4
War Hammer FG2-20C
War Hammer FG2-20S
War Hammer GSLEEP Giant's Sleep +3
War Hammer HAMM01 War Hammer
War Hammer HAMM02 War Hammer +1
War Hammer HAMM03 War Hammer +2
War Hammer HELLPIK Hellpick +3
War Hammer HQHAMM High Quality War Hammer
War Hammer MAUL War Hammer
War Hammer REDEMT Redemption +4
War Hammer U1HAM2A Sanctified War Hammer +1
War Hammer U1HAM3A Corrosive Hammer +2
War Hammer U1HAM3B War Hammer of Sparks +2
War Hammer U1HAM4A War Hammer +3: Life Giver
War Hammer U1HAM4B Sanctified War Hammer +3
War Hammer U1HAM5A War Hammer of Phasing +3
War Hammer U1HAM5B War Hammer +4: Defender
War Hammer U2HAM2A Massive War Hammer
War Hammer U2HAM3A Sanctified War Hammer +2
War Hammer U2HAM4A Star-Forged War Hammer +4
War Hammer U2HAM4B War Hammer of Phasing +2
War Hammer U2HAM5A Demon's Breath +3
War Hammer XU2HAM3 Sanctified War Hammer +2
War Hammer ZZ14IN Inconsequence +3
War Hammer ZZA7CH Conlan's Hammer +1, +5 vs. iron golems
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  • schreierschreier Member Posts: 79
    Awesome list - is it possible to get the stats on the items (even if you can't do the descriptions?) Would be great to get things like 18/00 strength on the gauntlets of ogre power, or class restrictions on items.

    Regardless, thanks a lot!
  • FandraxxFandraxx Member Posts: 193
    Many thanks go to you sir!
  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    Excellent work. Lists like this have made my gaming life easier over the years. Kudos to you!
  • FatherOFatherO Member Posts: 11
    edited March 20
    A few creature codes for IWDEE
    Creature Codes
    C:CreateCreature("XXXXXX") reg exp insane exp
    ACOLYTE creates an acolyte 420 840
    ALBION creates Albion 3000 6000
    BADSON creates Brother Adson 1000 2000
    BELHIF creates Belhifet (kill ends game no exp)
    BHARKEN creates Brother Harken 1000 2000
    BPERDIEM creates Brother Perdiem 1000 2000
    CYCLOPS creates cyclops 4000 8000
    DROWSOR creates drow sorcerer 3000 6000
    DROWSPE creates drow spellsword 3000 6000
    DROWVAN creates drow vanguard 3000 6000
    ELDATHYN creates eldathyn 1500 3000
    ETTIN creates ettin 3000 6000
    FLEEZUM creates Fleezum 3000 6000
    FROSTBITE creates Frostbite 7000 14000
    GARETH creates Gareth 15 30
    GHAST creates a ghast 650 1300
    GHEREG creates Ghereg 270 540
    GIANTFIRE creates fire giant 8000 16000
    GIANTFROST creates frost giant 7000 14000
    GOBLIN creates goblin 15 30
    GOBLINA creates goblin archer 25 50
    GOBLINE creates goblin marshal 35 70
    GOBLINEA creates goblin archer marshal 35 70
    GOLEMIRON creates iron golem 13000 26000
    GORG creates Gorg 8000 16000
    HISTACH creates histachii 120 240
    IDOL creates The Idol 10000 20000
    ILMADIA creates Maiden Ilmadia 7000 14000
    JORIL creates Joril 9000 18000
    KAYLESSA creates Kaylessa 1300 2600
    KELLY creates Kelly 8000 16000
    KERISH creates Kerish 5000 10000
    KESS creates Kresselak (invulnerable)
    KONTIK creates Kontik 8000 16000
    LICH creates a lich none none
    LYSAN creates priestess Lysan 700 1400
    MALAVON creates Malavon 50,000 100,000
    MARKETH creates Marketh 8000 16000
    MUMMY creates mummy 3000 6000
    MUMMYG creates greater mummy 8000 16000
    MYCONIDB creates a blue myconid 750 1500
    MYCONIDR creates a red myconid 1750 3500
    MYRKULS creates Myrkuls Sending 600 1200
    MYTOS creates Mytos 1000 2000
    NEOOROG creates neo-orog 750 1500
    NEOORGGENERAL creates neo-org general 2000 4000
    NYM creates Nym 7000 14000
    OGRE creates an ogre 270 540
    POMAB creates Pomab 35 70
    POQUELIN creates Reverend Brother Poquelin (invulnerable)
    PRESIO creates Presio 4000 8000
    SALAMANDER creates a salamander 2000 4000
    SALAMANDERF creates a salamander 2000 4000
    SBETHLA creates Sister Bethal (dead) none none
    SENTRY create cryshal sentry (invulnerable)
    SETH creates Seth 7000 14000
    SEVSOUL creates severed soul 1400 2800
    SHATSOUL creates shattered soul 1200 2400
    SHIKATA creates Shikata 5500 11000
    SHRIEKER creates shrieker 120 240
    SINCYLIA creaste Sister Incylia 2000 4000
    SPIDPH creates phase spider 1400 2800
    SPIDSW creates sword spider 2000 4000
    SPIDWR creates a wraith spider 1400 2800
    THERIK creates Therik 500 1000
    TROLL creates a troll 1400 2800
    TROLLICE creates an ice troll 175 350
    TROLLSNO creates snow troll 1400 2800
    ULIGAR creates Uligar 35 70
    VERA creates Vera 1400 2800
    VERBEEG creates a verbeeg (giant) 420 840

    VEXED3 Vexed Armor (see Abel's CreateItem list above),
    Special: When equipped, can summon the
    galbrezu Chalimandren 12000 24000
    (destroys the armor but doesn't harm wearer)

    VOICE Voice of Durdel Anatha ? ?
    WIGHT creates a wight 1400 2800
    WIGHTCLD creates a cold wight 1400 2800
    WOLF creates a wolf 120 240
    WYRM creates wyrm 5000 10000
    WYVERN creates a wyvern 1400 2800
    YUANTIP creates Yuan-Ti Priest 1400 2800
    ZOMBIE creates a zombie 65 130
    ZOMBIEL creates zombie lord 7000 14000
    ZOMBIEP creates a poison zombie 1100 2200

    From Dan Simpson's BG1 and BG2 creature lists. Slim pickings, but they work in IWDEE, so here they are.
    BEARBL creates black bear 175 350
    BEARBR creates brown bear 420 840
    JELLMU creates mustard jelly 2000 4000
    PLYBASS creates lesser basilisk 1400 2800
    PLYFLIND creates flind 120 240
    PLYOGRE creates ogre 270 540
    PLYSALA creates lesser fire salamander 1400 2800
    PLYSPID creates sword spider 2000 4000
    PLYWOLF creates a wolf 650 1300
    PLWYVRN creates baby wyvern 450 900
    SHADOW creates shadow 420 840
    SPIDWR creates wraith spider 1400 2800
    STALKE creates invisible stalker *none* *none*

    And, for when your bags are full, & it's a long way back to town ...
    You can kill the last two for decent loot, but unless your party has
    evil alignment ... well, your choice lol.
    CONLAN creates Conlan (rep -4) 120 240
    Buy/sell weapons and armor
    GERTH creates Gerth (rep -2) 15 30
    buy/sell gems, jewelry, and bard instruments
    ORRICK creates Orrick (rep -4) 4000 8000
    buy/sell scrolls & magic items He will update his inventory
    as you advance through the game, so it pays to check back
    at the beginning of every chapter
    OSWALD creates Oswald (rep -2) 975 1950
    buy/sell potions

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  • FatherOFatherO Member Posts: 11
    A potions list based on the work of D. Simpson, but re-organized by their effect
    Potions (Attack/damage)
    POTN13 Oil of Fiery Burning
    POTN26 Potion of Explosions
    POTN27 Potion of Firebreath

    Potions (buff: AC, THACO, movement, skills)
    POTN09 Potion of Heroism
    POTN11 Potion of Invulnerability
    POTN14 Oil of Speed
    POTN23 Oil of Speed (cursed)
    POTN24 Potion of Defense
    POTN36 Potion of Master Thievery
    POTN39 Potion of Perception
    POTN40 Potion of Invulnerability
    POTN41 Potion of Power
    SERPSCA Oil of the Serpent's Scales

    Potions (curing)
    ADISEASE Mummy's Tea
    PHILTER Philter of Purification
    COFFEE Berduskan Black Brew
    POTN20 Antidote
    POTN32 Antidote (cursed)
    PNULL Oil of Null Effect

    Potions (healing)
    ELFWINE Elven Healing Wine
    EXTHEAL Potion of Extra Healing
    IPOTN08 Potion of Healing
    POTN08 Potion of Healing
    POTN17 Elixir of Health
    POTN25 Potion of Healing (cursed)
    POTN42 Potion of Regeneration
    SPIRIT Spirit Essence

    Potions (immunity: physical, magic, etc.)
    POTN18 Potion of Absorbtion
    POTN21 Potion of Clarity
    POTN33 Potion of Magic Blocking
    POTN38 Potion of Mirrored Eyes
    POTN45 Potion of Freedom

    Potions (resistance)
    POTN02 Potion of Fire Resistance
    POTN15 Red Potion
    POTN22 Potion of Cold Resistance
    POTN31 Potion of Insulation
    POTN34 Potion of Magic Shielding
    POTN35 Potion of Magic Shielding
    USPOT2A Potion of Resistence
    USPOT2B Potion of Greater Resistence
    USPOT3A Potion of Magical Resistence
    USPOT4C Potion of Aura Enhancement
    USPOT5A Potion of Dissipation

    Potion (spell effect)
    POTN10 Potion of Invisibility
    POTN30 Potion of Infravision
    POTN46 Potion of Stone Form

    Potions (stat point + and - )
    POTN03 Potion of Hill Giant Strength
    POTN04 Potion of Frost Giant Strength
    POTN05 Potion of Fire Giant Strength
    POTN06 Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
    POTN07 Potion of Storm Giant Strength
    POTN12 Potion of Stone Giant Strength
    POTN15 Red Potion (also a resist pot)
    POTN16 Violet Potion
    POTN19 Potion of Agility
    POTN28 Potion of Fortitude
    POTN29 Potion of Genius
    POTN37 Potion of Mind Focusing
    POTN43 Potion of Insight
    POTN44 Potion of Strength
    POTNCLR1 Potion of Clear Purpose
    USPOT1A Potion of Action Transference
    USPOT3B Potion of Constitution
    USPOT3C Potion of Strength Transference
    USPOT4A Potion of Arcane Absorbtion
    USPOT4B Potion of Life Transference
    USPOT5B Potion of Holy Transference

    Potions (unknown)
    POISON Vial of Mysterious Liquid
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    A list of IWDEE spell scroll codes based on the work of Dan Simpson, but re organized by caster type (Mage/Cleric) and level. Many of the codes were added to the original IWD list from his BG2 list. They should all work unless otherwise noted.
    Still having trouble getting the console to work? Go into your Documents, Icewind Dale Enhanced folder, and open the Baldur config file. Copy and paste any game options instruction set, and replace the last 2 fields as follows: 'Game Options', 'Cheats', '1', then save and exit. Start the game and the console should open with ctrl + tab. Type in C:CreateItem("XXXXXX",XXX) *code,quantity*
    After V2.0, Go into your Documents, Icewind Dale Enhanced folder, and open the Baldur .lua file. Copy and paste any Program Options instruction set, and replace the last 2 fields as follows:SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1') then save and exit. Start the game and the console should open with ctrl + space bar. Type in C:CreateItem("XXXXXX",XXX) *code,quantity* . Enjoy.
    Oh, and thank you Abel for getting these lists started!

    Spells (Cast from quick slot) Scrolls
    SCRL03 Protection from Acid
    SCRL04 Protection from Cold
    SCRL05 Protection from Electricity
    SCRL06 Protection from Fire
    SCRL07 Protection from Magic
    SCRL08 Protection from Poison
    SCRL09 Protection from Undead
    SCRL10 Cursed Scroll of Weakness
    SCRL11 Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness
    SCRL12 Cursed Scroll of Foolishness
    SCRL13 Cursed Scroll of Ugliness
    SCRL15 Protection from Petrification
    SCRL16 Cursed Scroll of Petrification
    SCRL17 Cursed Scroll of Ailment
    SCRL18 Cursed Scroll of Stupidity
    SCRLJALA Geas Removal Scroll
    SCRLPET Stone to Flesh Scroll
    SCRLZY, SCRLZZ Summon Cow (Summoning)

    Scroll (Mage) Level 1
    SCRL5U Reflected Image (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCRL66 Grease (Conjuration)
    SCRL67 Armor (Conjuration)
    SCRL68 Burning Hands (Alteration)
    SCRL69 Charm Person (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCRL6D Find Familiar (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL70 Color Spray (Alteration)
    SCRL72 Friends (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCRL75 Identify (Divination)
    SCRL76 Infravision (Divination)
    SCRL77 Magic Missile (Evocation)
    SCRL78 Protection From Evil (Abjuration)
    SCRL79 Shield (Evocation)
    SCRL80 Shocking Grasp (Alteration)
    SCRL81 Sleep (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCRL82 Chill Touch (Necromancy)
    SCRL83 Chromatic Orb (Evocation)
    SCRL84 Larloch's Minor Drain (Necromancy)
    SCRL86 Detect Evil (Divination)
    SCRLA6 Spook (Illusion/Phantasm)

    Scroll (Mage) Level 2
    SCDECA Decastave (Evocation)
    SCRL1B Agannazar's Scorcher (Evocation)
    SCRL1C Ghoul touch (Necromancy)
    SCRL3G Vocalize (Alteration)
    SCRL6E Power Word, Sleep (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL6F Ray of Enfeeblement (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCRL71 Blindness (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCRL73 Protection from Petrification (Abjuration)
    SCRL85 Blur (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCRL87 Detect Invisibility (Divination)
    SCRL89 Horror (Necromancy)
    SCRL90 Invisibility (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCRL91 Knock (Alteration)
    SCRL92 Know Alignment (Divination)
    SCRL93 Luck (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCRL94 Resist Fear (Abjuration)
    SCRL95 Melf's Acid Arrow (Conjuration)
    SCRL96 Mirror Image (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCRL97 Stinking Cloud (Evocation)
    SCRL98 Strength (Alteration)
    SCRL99 Web (Evocation)
    SCRLA2 Deafness
    SCRLA3 Glitterdust Glitterdust (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRLAI Ray of Enfeeblement (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCSNILL Snilloc's Snowball Swarm (Evocation)

    Scroll (mage) Level 3
    SCICE Icelance (Evocation)
    SCRL1D Clairvoyance (Divination)
    SCRL1E Dispel Magic (Abjuration)
    SCRL1F Flame Arrow (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL1G Fireball (Evocation)
    SCRL1H Haste (Alteration)
    SCRL1I Hold Person (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCRL1K Lightning Bolt (Evocation)
    SCRL1L Monster Summoning I (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL1M Non-Detection (Abjuration)
    SCRL1N Protection From Normal Missiles (Abjuration)
    SCRL1O Slow (Alteration)
    SCRL1P Skull Trap (necromantic)
    SCRL1Q Vampiric Touch (Necromancy)
    SCRL1S Dire Charm (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCRL1T Ghost Armor (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL6H Protection from Fire (Abjuration)
    SCRL6I - Protection from Cold
    SCRL6J - Spell Thrust
    SCRL6K - Detect Illusion
    SCRL6L - Hold Undead
    SCRLA5 Melf's Minute Meteors (Evocation, Alteration)
    SCRLA7 - Remove Magic

    Scroll (Mage) Level 4
    SCBLOO Beltyn's Burning Blood (Necromancy)
    SCCOUR Emotion: Courage (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCEMOT Emotion: Hope (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCFEAR Emotion: Fear (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCHOPE Emotion: Hopelessness (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCMALI Greater Malison (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCOTIL Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (Alteration),
    SCREM Remove Curse (Abjuration)
    SCRL1U Confusion (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCRL1V Dimension Door (Alteration)
    SCRL1W - Fireshield (Blue) (Evocation/Alteration)
    SCRL1Y Improved Invisibility (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCRL1Z Minor Globe of Invulnerability (Abjuration)
    SCRL2A Monster Summoning II (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL5L - Polymorph Other (Alteration)
    SCRL5M Polymorph Self (Alteration)
    SCRL6M Enchanted Weapon (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCRL6N - Fireshield (Red) (Evocation/Alteration)
    SCRL6O - Secret Word (Abjuration)
    SCRL6P - Minor Sequencer (Invocation/Evocation)
    SCRL6Q - Teleport Field (Alteration)
    SCRL6R - Spider Spawn (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRLA1 - Wizard Eye (Divination/Alteration)
    SCRLA8 - Contagion (Necromancy)
    SCRLAJ - Farsight (Divination)
    SCSHAD Shadow Monsters (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCSPIR Spirit Armor (Necromancy)
    SCSTON Stoneskin (Evocation)
    SCSTOR Ice Storm (Evocation)

    Scroll (Mage) Level 5
    SCCEE Conjure Earth Elemental (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCCFE Conjure Fire Elemental (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCCHAO Chaos (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCCWE Conjure Water Elemental (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCDMS Demi-Shadow Monsters (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCDOMI Domination (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCFEEB Feeblemind (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCHMON Hold Monster (Enchantment/Charm)
    SCRL2D Animate Dead (Necromancy)
    SCRL2E Cloudkill (Evocation)
    SCRL2F Cone of Cold (Evocation)
    SCRL2G Monster Summoning III (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL2H - Shadow Door (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCRL5T - Protection from Electricity (Abjuration)
    SCRL6S - Spell Immunity (Abjuration)
    SCRL6T - Protection from Normal Weapons (Abjuration)
    SCRL6U - Breach (Abjuration)
    SCRL6W - Oracle (Divination)
    SCRL6X - Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL6Y - Protection from Acid (Abjuration)
    SCRL6Z - Phantom Blade (Evocation)
    SCRL7B - Conjure Lesser Air Elemental (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL7C - Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL7D - Minor Spell Turning (Abjuration)
    SCRL8X - Spell Shield (Abjuration)
    SCSHRO Shroud of Flame (Evocation)
    SCSSHA Summon Shadow (Conjuration/Summoning, Necromancy)

    Scroll (Mage) Level 6
    SCCLITE Chain Lightning (Evocation)
    SCAMS Antimagic Shell (Abjuration)
    SCDFOG Death Fog (Alteration, Evocation)
    SCDISI Disintegrate (Alteration)
    SCDSPEL Death Spell (Necromancy)
    SCFTS Flesh to Stone (Evocation)
    SCGLOB Globe of Invulnerability (Abjuration)
    SCISTAL Invisible Stalker (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCLICH Lich Touch (Necromancy)
    SCMSIV Monster Summoning IV (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCOFS Otiluke's Freezing Sphere (Alteration, Evocation)
    SCPWS Power Word: Silence (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL7J - Protection from Magic Energy (Abjuration)
    SCRL7K - Mislead (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCRL7L - Pierce Magic (Abjuration)
    SCRL7M - True Sight (Divination)
    SCRL7O - Protection from Magical Weapons (Abjuration)
    SCRL7Q - Improved Haste (Alteration)
    SCRL7U - Contingency (Evocation)
    SCRL7V - Spell Deflection (Abjuration)
    SCRL7W - Wyvern Call (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL7X - Conjure Fire Elemental (Conjuration/Summoning) *Console item doesn't exist*
    SCRL7Y - Conjure Air Elemental (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL7Z - Conjure Earth Elemental (Conjuration/Summoning) *Console iten doesn't exist*
    SCRL8A - Carrion Summons (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL8B - Summon Nishruu (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCSHDS Shades (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCSTF Stone to Flesh (Evocation) Level: 6, Range: Sight of Caster, Duration: Permanent,
    SCTENS Tenser's Transformation (Alteration, Evocation)

    Scroll (Mage) Level 7
    SCACID Acid Storm (Evocation)
    SCFING Finger of Death (Necromancy)
    SCMALA Malavon's Rage (Evocation)
    SCMINVI Mass Invisibility (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCMORD Mordenkainen's Sword (Evocation)
    SCMSV Monster Summoning V (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCPRISM Prismatic Spray (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL8D - Spell Turning (Abjuration)
    SCRL8E - Protection from the Elements (Abjuration)
    SCRL8F - Project Image (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCRL8G - Ruby Ray of Reversal (Alteration)
    SCRL8H - Khelben's Warding Whip (Abjuration)
    SCRL8I - Cacofiend (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL8J - Mantle (Abjuration)
    SCRL8L - Spell Sequencer (Invocation/Evocation)
    SCRL8M - Sphere of Chaos (Alteration)
    SCRL8N - Delayed Blast Fireball (Invocation/Evocation)
    SCRL8S - Summon Efreeti (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL8T - Summon Djinni (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL8U - Summon Hakeashar (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL8V - Control Undead (Necromancy)
    SCRLA4 - Limited Wish (Conjuration/Summoning, Invocation/Evocation)
    SCSTUN Power Word: Stun (Conjuration/Summoning)

    Spells (Mage) Level 8
    SCBLANK Mind Blank (Abjuration)
    SCINCIN Incendiary Cloud (Alteration, Evocation)
    SCMSVI Monster Summoning VI (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL8Y - Protection from Energy (Abjuration)
    SCRL8Z - Simulacrum (Illusion/Phantasm)
    SCRL9A - Pierce Shield (Abjuration)
    SCRL9B - Summon Fiend (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL9C - Improved Mantle (Abjuration)
    SCRL9D - Spell Trigger (Invocation/Evocation)
    SCRL9F - Symbol, Fear (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL9H - Maze (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRLAM, SCRLAO - Symbol, Death (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRLAN - Symbol, Stun (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRLB1 - Bigby's Clenched Fist (Evocation)

    Spells (Mage) Level 9
    SCKILL Power Word: Kill (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCMSVII Monster Summoning VII (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL9L - Spell Trap (Abjuration)
    SCRL9M - Spellstrike (Abjuration, Alteration)
    SCRL9N - Gate (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SCRL9P - Absolute Immunity (Abjuration)
    SCRL9Q - Chain Contingency (Evocation)
    SCRL9R - Time Stop (Alteration)
    SCRL9S - Imprisonment (Abjuration)
    SCRL9T - Meteor Swarm (Evocation)
    SCRL9V - Wail of the Banshee (Necromancy)
    SCRL9W - Energy Drain (Necromancy)
    SCRL9X - Black Blade of Disaster (Evocation)
    SCRL9Y - Shapechange (Alteration)
    SCRL9Z - Freedom (Abjuration)
    SCRLB2 - Bigby's Crushing Hand (Evocation)
    SCRLB4 - Wish (Conjuration/Summoning, Invocation/Evocation)

    Spells (Priest) Level 1
    SPPR103C Cure Light Wounds (Necromancy)
    SPPR105C Entangle (Alteration) *Druid*
    SPPR108C Remove Fear (Abjuration)

    Scroll (Priest) Level 2
    SPPR201C Aid (Necromancy, Conjuration)
    SPPR203C Chant (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SPPR205C Find Traps (Divination)
    SPPR208C Hold Person (Enchantment/Charm)
    SPPR211C Silence, 15' Radius (Alteration)
    SPPR212C Slow Poison (Necromancy)
    SPPR214C Cure Moderate Wounds (Necromancy)

    Scroll (Priest) Level 3
    SPPR303C Dispel Magic (Abjuration) (Console item doesn't exist)
    SPPR304C Glyph of Warding (Abjuration, Evocation)
    SPPR306C Protection From Fire (Abjuration)
    SPPR307C Remove Curse (Abjuration)
    SPPR308C Remove Paralysis (Abjuration)
    SPPR313C Prayer (Conjuration/Summoning)
    SPPR314C Cure Disease (Abjuration)

    Scroll (Priest) Level 4
    SCRL56 Cure Serious Wounds (Necromancy)
    SCRL5B Defensive Harmony (Enchantment/Charm) (Console Item Doesn't exist)
    SPPR404C Neutralize Poison (Necromancy)
    SPPR407C Protection From Lightning (Abjuration)
    SPPR412C Static Charge (Alteration) *Druid* (Console item doesn't exist)

    Scroll (Priest) Level 5
    SCRL5F Chaotic Commands (Console item does not exist)
    SCRL61 Cure Critical Wounds (Necromancy)
    SCRL62 Flame Strike (Evocation)
    SPPR504C Raise Dead (Necromancy)
    SPPR507C Champion's Strength (Alteration)
    SPPR510C Insect Plague (Conjuration/Summoning) *Druid* (Console item doesn't exist)
    SPPR512C Spike Stones (Alteration, Enchantment) *Druid* (Console item doesn't exist)

    Scroll (Priest) Level 6
    SPPR606C Fire Seeds (Conjuration) *Druid* (Console item doesn't exist)
    SPPR607C Heal (Necromancy)
    SPPR608C Sol's Searing Orb (Invocation) *Druid* (Console item doesn't exist)

    Scroll (Priest) Level 7
    SPPR704C Creeping Doom (Conjuration/Summoning) *Druid* (Console item doesn't exist)
    SPPR705C Fire Storm (Evocation) *Druid* (Console item doesn't exist)
    SPPR707C Sunray (Evocation,Alteration) *Druid* (Console item doesn't exist)
    SPPR712C Resurrection (Necromancy)
    SPPR714C Symbol of Pain (Conjuration/Summoning)
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    Having difficulty copying scrolls into your spell book? Click the gear icon to the left of your screen to open the options menu, then click game play. Move the difficulty slider all the way to the left (story mode), and scrolls will be scribe to your book every time.
    If your INT score is 18 and your spell book is "full", but you have more scrolls you'd like to learn, you can temporarily raise your Intelligence stat to 25 with a Potion of Mind Focusing (Int +3), and a Potion of Genius (Int +4). This will allow you to scribe every mage scroll in the game, as well as several more BG2 spells from the console code list, that don't normally appear in IWDEE.
    If you have more than one mage in your party (single, dual, or multi-class), and want to supply them with spells without resorting to the console codes, here's how. Start a multiplayer session with 6 pre-rolled characters, and start a new game. Importing characters into an existing saved game also works, more on that below.
    Buy the scroll case from Pomab in Easthaven, and put any scrolls you buy or loot in it, till you have what you consider a "reasonable amount". Make sure the scroll case is NOT on the character that will learn the spells this time around, and save the game. Put the case in the "uneducated" mage's inventory, and start transferring scrolls from the case and learning them, using the above methods as/if needed.
    When you've learned all the available spells, export the character, then exit the game without saving again. Load the saved multi player game, and on the character confirmation screen, remove/delete that copy of your mage, import the freshly exported version, and start the game.
    You'll still have all the scrolls and potions for the next mage to use, until everyone learns them that needs to. Export the final mage, and load the game one more time. Then sell all the scrolls you no longer need to help finance your next "big shopping spree". You may want to save the potions for your next spell scroll "cram session" tho. By now you should be able to afford a potion case to put them in. Just remember to move the difficulty slider back up from Story Mode to normal (or higher) before you start out on your next adventure.
    Note: the same method can be used to provide your party members with copies of rare or expensive gear, after you loot/buy it the first time. Or, you can just play the game again as many times as you want/need to. That works too.
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    A few more IWDEE Item codes. Thanks again to Dan Simpson
    Arrows ARHAND Arrows of the Hand, 1D6 +2, THAC0: +2,
    Arrows AROW01 Arrows (basic) 1D6
    Arrows AROW02 Arrows +1, 1D6 +1, THAC0: +1 bonus
    Arrows AROW03 Arrow of Slaying, 1D6, Slay Ogre Mage
    Arrows AROW04 Acid Arrows, 1D6 +1, THAC0: +1, 2D6 acid
    Arrows AROW05 Arrow of Biting, 1D6, 30% of ttl. max HP in 20
    sec. unless save vs. death
    Arrows AROW06 Arrows of Detonation, 1D6, 6D6 explosion upon
    impact (save vs. spell for half)
    Arrows AROW07 Arrows of Dispelling, 1D6, Dispel Magic on target
    Arrows AROW08 Arrow of Fire, 1D6, 1D6 fire (save vs. spell for 0)
    Arrows AROW09 Arrows of Ice. 1D6, 1D6 cold damage (no save)
    Arrows AROW10 Arrows of Piercing, 1D6, THAC0: +4, +6 phys.
    (piercing) (save vs. death for none)
    Arrows AROW11 Arrows +2, 1D6 +2, THAC0: +2,
    Arrows AROW12 Arrow of Biting, 1D6, 30% of ttl. max HP in 20
    sec. unless save vs. death
    Arrows AROW1A Arrows +2, 1D6 +2, THAC0: +2,
    Arrows AROWTRN Translocation Arrows, 1D3, THAC0: -3,
    On hit, transport next to target.
    Arrows HOLDFAST Holdfast Arrows, 1D6 -1, THAC0: -1,
    Entangle on target/4 rnds.
    Arrows HQAROW High Quality Arrows, 1D6, THAC0: +1,
    Arrows UAROW2A Hammer Arrows, 1D2 (+1D6 crushing),
    Arrows UAROW3A Confusion Arrows +3, 1D6 +3, THAC0: +3,
    10% chance target becomes Confused
    Arrows UAROW3B Hammer Arrow +1, 1D2 (+1D10 crushing),
    THAC0: -5, 10% chance target is Stunned
    Arrows UAROW3C Piercing Arrows +1, 1D6+1 (+4D2 piercing),
    THAC0: +5, Targets piercing resist -15%
    Arrows UAROW4A Inferno Arrows +2, 1D6+2(+1D10 fire), THAC0: +2,

    Crossbow Bolts BOLT01 Bolt, 1D8,
    Crossbow Bolts BOLT02 Bolt +1, 1D8 +1, THAC0: +1,
    Crossbow Bolts BOLT03 Bolt of Lightning, 1D8, 4D4 electrical damage
    (save vs. breath for half)
    Crossbow Bolts BOLT04 Bolt of Biting, 1D8, 30 dmg in 15 sec.
    (save vs. death for 0)
    Crossbow Bolts BOLT05 Bolt of Polymorphing, 1D8, save vs. petr/poly
    or turn into squirrel
    Crossbow Bolts BOLT06 Bolt +2, 1D8 +2. THAC0: +2
    Crossbow Bolts HQBOLT High Quality Bolt, 1D8, THAC0: +1
    Crossbow Bolts TRNBOLT Tranquil Bolt, 1D8+1, THAC0: +1,
    Bolts cast Silence on target

    Bullets BULL01 Bullet, 1D4 +1,
    BULL02 Bullet +1, 1D4 +2, THAC0: +1
    BULL03 Bullet +2, 1D4 +3, THACO +3,
    UBULL4A Bullets of Fire +2, 1D4 +2, THACO +2,
    50% Chance: 2D6 fire dmg.
    (save vs. spell for none)
    Darts see Abel's list

    Bags and containers
    "BAG02" - gem bag
    "BAG03" - scroll case
    "BAG31" - bag of holding
    "BAG05" - ammo belt
    "BAG06" - potion case

    Books (for stat points, used from quick slot, effects are permanent)
    BOOK03 Manual of Bodily Health, Constitution: +1
    BOOK04 Manual of Gainful Exercise, Strength: +1
    BOOK05 Manual of Quickness of Action, Dexterity: +1
    BOOK06 Tome of Clear Thought, Intelligence: +1
    BOOK07 Tome of Leadership and Influence, Charisma: +1
    BOOK08 Tome of Understanding, Wisdom: +1

    Instruments (Bard)
    BARDIC Bardic Horn of Valhalla
    CITTERN The Cittern of War
    LYRE Lyre of Progression (goes in the shield slot)
    MHORN The Merry Shorthorn
    PELLON The Dire Old Lute of Pellon Kay
    SHAWM Owain's Lullabye
    VIOLIN Viol of the Hollow Men

    Wands WAND02 Wand of Fear
    Wands WAND03 Wand of Magic Missiles
    Wands WAND04 Wand of Paralyzation
    Wands WAND05 Wand of Fire
    Wands WAND06 Wand of Frost
    Wands WAND07 Wand of Lightning
    Wands WAND08 Wand of Sleep
    Wands WAND10 Wand of Monster Summoning
    Wands WAND11 Wand of the Heavens
    Wands WAND12 Wand of Magic Missiles
    Wands WANDARM Wand of Armory
    Wands WANDCOR Wand of Corrosion
    Wands WANDFRE Wand of Freezing Death
    Wands WANDMIS Pemby's Wand of Many Missiles
    Wands WANDTRP Wand of Trap Detection

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    Is there a code for the priest spell Chaotic Commands?
  • FylFyl Member Posts: 62
    Lists cut off at "Dagger +2 Longtooth" and "Necromancer's robe" for me
  • rlove60rlove60 Member Posts: 2
    AWESOME!!! do you have a list like this for Siege of Dragonspear...if so could you please post it
    thank you
  • FatherOFatherO Member Posts: 11
    Scourge2 wrote: »
    Is there a code for the priest spell Chaotic Commands?
    I haven't found one yet. SCRL5F works in BG 1 & 2EE, but not in IWDEE sadly. Added that note to the spell list.

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    rlove60 wrote: »
    AWESOME!!! do you have a list like this for Siege of Dragonspear...if so could you please post it
    thank you

    You'll find the SoD lists here: along with other information that may be of interest.
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