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Pure action only! Eternal battle roleplay

KrongirKrongir Member Posts: 19
Ok here is the idea, a giant battle ground where every type of foul beast from the bg games are attacking all of your charnames or any npc you want to bring in.

The rules are: HAVE FUN!

Please try and read all of the previous posts (I have no idea whether this will fill up or not) so you have a grasp of what is going on in the battle, and therefore will be able to interact with other players, make cool/epic entrances, and generally make this a lot of fun.

Lets see what happens.



  • KrongirKrongir Member Posts: 19
    An inclined hill before many miles of greenery is what stood before Krongir as he stepped over the verge of the rift he had been climbing. Many dark shadows stood behind him, all with the same purpose. Today was a dark day indeed, he thought as he flexed and stretched his taught muscles in the wind.
    Today will be a day sung and told throughout the ages, by bards, rich and common folk all alike. Perhaps they would sing of the valour of certain warriors, the cunning of certain rogues, the skill of certain wizards. But none of them, through the ages, would know the horror momentarily about to befall the inhabitants of this desolate battle ground.

    For Krongir, all this day meant was a possible day to be bested. For some reason unknown to Krongir (but perhaps known to others) all of the general hostile creatures that inhabit the land had banded together to create a seething mass of darkness. The abyssal host had amassed in a valley close to Baldur's gate. All hero's of all walks of life had been called together for a greater purpose than they could possibly amount to. They all had to band together to protect themselves from a common enemy.

    The dark shadows that were behind Krongir emerged over the crest of the hill. Many famous or infamous denizens from across the Sword coast, Amn, and further beyond marched together.

    Krongir surveyed the battle field to be with a smirk on his face. The pulsating mass of callousness began to serge towards the adventures. Krongir let out an almighty war cry which was swiftly followed by thousands more. A war cry which would echo through the ages.
    And with that the deafening roar of charging feet filled the air.

  • chimericchimeric Member Posts: 1,163
    Xzar lay on the ground as the thousands of feet stomped him in. "More. More," he thought. "I'm never quite so comfortable as when I'm at least six feet under."

  • KrongirKrongir Member Posts: 19
    Monteron stood over xzars broken body laughing so hard he was finding it hard to breathe. "saves me the trouble" he finally manages through his crooked grin

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