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BG2:EE - Malaaq Weapon Import Request - Rashad's Talon

Hey, I plan on importing my scimitar-wielding swashbuckler into BG2 as soon as the 1.3 patch drops and after reading the weapon import list the 1.3 patch thread, I noticed a curious lack of scimitars!

Is it possible to add, say, Rashad's Talon to that list? There are already 2 long swords on that list, and Varscona is actually more damaging than Rashad's Talon, so I don't think it would be overpowered at all. Most of the other weapon types are covered, scimitars are a very popular weapon choice, and my swashbuckler has grown ever so attached to (both of) his Rashad's Talons. :D

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