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Monk Halp- "all the BG"

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An adventurer’s trail is marked with sacrifice, heroism, atonement, lots of bloodshed, mistakes and misgivings. Some people are blessed by birth with status and wealth. Others are unfortunate. Destined to face a world that has little understanding or forgiveness.

Halp is a human who tries to be farely good. He has recognizably blue skin. He drank an ill-conceived liquid and the color hasn’t cleared. His hair is grey when once it was black. Any sign of stress is not a compliment. He is a monk. He was raised among scholarly men but behind fortified walls. He always thought things would travel an innocent and straight path. He also thought that he would be untroubled by gargantuan challenges.
Now his life is threatened almost every day.

In deep prayer he has heard of a difficulty:HARD existence in which he overcame a twisted brother (Etherelle and Tyson and many more where of assistance). Now he asks the powers of the planes to let his journey be NORMAL and alongside adventurer’s he can come to know in this, his rebirth.

When his adventure started he came to encounter an invoker, the name of Edward, who has a destructive nature for casting magical attacks.

Joining later was Lucion a shape-shifter who could transform his body into a large upright wolf but does not defend the party this day because of Edward’s erratic magic. Lucion was trapped in some poisonous gas that Edward had tried to use for my protection. In Candle Keeps stone walls, Alexandris Harrock an elf priestess of talos and Isaac Derdon an inquisitor were met.

Now I am following Jaheira’s suggestion to find and come to understand my wizard father’s death. I am still burdened that I did not try to defend him instead of running to save my skin.
Damakos and Elisa, two powerful alias are now with me.

Today Halp scalped a few bandits. Feeling it was not a necessity he plans to say 550 prayers.
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    Looks like the start of an ambitious playthrough. Good luck!
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    kcwise said:

    Looks like the start of an ambitious playthrough. Good luck!

    Thanks. Encouragement is needed.
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    The prays distracted him from his battling.

    DAMAKOS and ELISE left the party, after sounding as if they had been fighting for the hunt or maybe revenge of a misdeed of kind. Needless, only HALP and his traveler (Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid) remained.

    HALP prayed for days. His skin became clear of its blue color, only to find his hair had taken its place. It was bright blue from white.
    “Is this a sign of health?”
    But it concerned him little, at the moment. He could not clear the scalping from his mind. He had read books about it in Candle Keep and cannot justify himself. Imoen’s carefree personality was his escape now, although her careless leadership was a worthless side effect.

    Distracted with his recent behavior, when attackers surprised the group just south of returning to the Friendly Arms Inn, HALP fell.

    The adventure will return with another rebirth, in trusty Candle Keep.
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    HALP looked in the garden. He was outside the Candle Keep inn looking for a gnome after learning more about them from the Elf, which he spoke with while reading in the library at day break. She followed him there and told him.
    “You are smart for a human but I have not met many. I am on a mission that has lead me to your library, it is you I would like to follow. My name is CKUMBUR. The gnome you are looking for is not in this garden. Let us leave.”

    HALP thought the lady elf not to seem worth.... but ignoring. KALLIN was seen helping the people but did not see battle. RAZIEL was welcomed to company.

    We have not left Candle Keep.
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    MARIUS is a mage that found the adventurers (HALP and CKUMBUR) by a sick cow in Candle Keep. Together, they witnessed a fight with a mysterious evil gang but ran, following Gorion’s shouts. HALP has not gone back to the scene of the fight. That task remains on his mind…

    Party followed the path (with Imoen) straight to the Friendly Arms Inn, where they were told they would find the help that would need for their quest.

    MARIUS mentioned some wizard’s ring but he was not understood or HALP was simply ignorant of the facts. On the second floor many known followers came by but this “ring” was not presented.

    A drunken bard said “I hope it’s the ring that fat-nude-spider women guards”.

    HALP hopes MARIUS gets the answer he is looking for about this ring soon, before he feels he cannot cooperate with the monk.
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    Awesome :) nice buddy.
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    Appearing in the second floor, of the Friendly Arms Inn was SHADAK the paladin. As the traveling went forward his melee skills were needed and the need was met. His axe and shield arms are impressive.

    HALP went back to the battle site and recovered items that gave him clues to go forward.

    The party found trouble in the woods. Ogres and Ghouls and Goblins where a challenge, so the group found safety in temple and inn to regain strength. A Gnome named CHARLES AMAND came to help them in the forest.
    “This is a gnome, as you read of, when I first saw you in the library,” said CKIMBUR DUU.
    CHARLES AMAND, the gnome battled with them and was a good addition. Unfortunately he left before the party reached Beregost Town.

    Imoen put on an enchanted belt on, which an Ogre had been carrying. She fell later and afterwards refused to put it on again.
    “Scalping is not only for the male sex. I am fine, HALP“ Imoen said.

    In the Nashel Mines, the party tried it’s best to defend the miners. Gnolls are everywhere…
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    We were found in the Nashkel Mines by KAILOS the sun soul monk, and the wizard TYBER. We returned to the surface for supplies. Then back to the mines.

    MEIKKEL came to help, using unfounded powers and gifts. Some of these where added to our power but MEIKKEL left before we went much further.

    The party defeated the half-orc, in the lowest part of the mines. TYBER summoned a fiend, from another plane. The group practiced on the monster but the party decided more important things were afoot and left the underground cave with the monster behind.
    The group then visited the Friendly Arms Inn. Imoen put her cursed belt on and wanted to be left at the taverns bar, for some reson.
    “It’s a mixed up world, right HALP?”
    “I don’t mind leaving you but don’t get lied to and kidnapped. That might take days off my life, Imoen.”

    ALVSTEN the dragon disciples and FELDAWN, XDRO, DURVALOSK and still more adventurers joined. Now HALP is trying to discover the Bandits involvement in the iron shortage. He is challenged but inching his way forward, in their base camp.
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    Some Bandits where killed off, plucked from the group. This strategy was not working for the adventurers though, so HALP took them to High Hedges where a gnome appeared.

    “I am… JYM and I share this cabin with its owner,” JYM spouted.
    “This is another one, but this more fair. Maybe she will take a liking to HALP,” CKIMBUR said in a hushed voice.
    “You can take what I leave here but I won’t leave that much. Bye then,” JYM said. HALP followed her for a brief ways and saw her quickly enter and exit a small cabin. The travelers followed.

    KEEOPHEY and ARTINAAZ found things without trouble. The group went to merchants and made profitable trades. Then HALP and company attacked the Bandit Camp, but once more retreated.

    A wizard and a cleric came and fought Ankheg. Two where bested.
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    SHADOW immediately joined the adventure. The group headed north. Another burrowing bug attacked and was dispatched of. A farm full of zombies was discovered and cleansed of its undead.

    While heading to Beregost two travelers also joined, briefly. The wicked NARCISSA and HASHIMA, one pleased to cross swords with commoners in the town, and HASHIMA who was much less of a problem. They both turned to attack HALP, in the end. What is a traveling monk supposed to conclude? Perhaps they will see HALP later in life and fight evil with him.

    HALP also came across ARTINAAZ once more who, this time, gave his longer title: ARTINAAZ GUNU . IVAR and KILTAN also journeyed for about a day. The bandits continue to hold the next clue…. or answer.
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    The team had to take steps back to find HALP’s case of scrolls. This took some sacrifice. SHADOW aided and so did a gnome called OLIVIER. CKIMBUR left the party after seeing OLIVIER in battle. That left the travels in the wisdom temple of Friendly Arms Inn. She will rejoin, HALP imagines.

    The party is waiting for a special armor to be crafted, for SHADOW’s inspection. If it doesn’t fit, LILLY will try it.
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    HALP was very happy to find more things in JYM’s place of hiding. He wonders if one day she will take from him in return. Maybe she will ask for a favor or to travel with the group for adventure. She seem like she would make a fine thief, of sorts.

    ELEAZAR, the bard came and added excellent character and songs to battles. DANZIG was the party’s stalker for a few days but is now gone. He showed excellent potential. SHADOW and OLIVIER also traveled with the group a brief time.

    With their new abilities and the items from JYM’s cabin added to the group, the bandits where easily finished off.

    Then NARCISSA returned. She showed her evil nature, again. Even HALP was slightly distracted from his quest. He finally dissuaded her evil intentions and she left.

    Then BAYLOR joined. He was a more trust worthy companion who traveled with a passion for the battle and killing. Not as extremely lawful adventurer as a knight but the group was glad to have his experience and company.

    The Cloakwood Forest was a difficult area of threat and there remains HALP’s current challenge.
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    HALP and his companions plunged their way through Cloakwood. Before long they were in the mines of the area. They flooded the “hell-hole” to end the miners’ suffering. Many archers were dispatched of. The wizards where killed, easily enough. Getting poisoned at the wrong time was the group’s biggest trouble.

    DAN THE LION CUB, TOBIN, AVOK, JENOVA LOCKEAR, ANRI, AARON, RAZAK and others. All came and when. Most of them, did not staying for long.

    HALP spent much time in standing mediation for the wrongs he has committed. This tired most of the visiting adventurers and persuaded them to adventure elsewhere. HALP hopes to stop this habit and increase his material effect on the Sword Coast’s issues, instead of idling.
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    CKIMMBER DUU has come back. She has spent time with her people and has show more power upon her return.

    “We discussed your troubles, me and my brothers and sisters and your life may everyone. I will aid you the best I know how” and then she whispered, “We like what you’ve done with your hair.”

    HALP is in Durlag’s Tower and soon will be headed to the basement.
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    -We have a new title now. I decide to change because I want to include.....stuff.

    rock, paper shotgun XD

    Also, I thought the previous title was to long.
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    The elf sorceress, CKIMMBER DUU, has show astounding melee skills. Her skills as a spell caster have been mostly imploded by summoning spiders and casting defensive magic on her own self.

    After one of her summoned beings attacked the party (a large earth elemental) she spoke.
    “I know I can do better HALP. But I need to study. I might return to my kingdom after it happens again.”
    She had found a large tome but says it is for another but that she is glad to be the books owner.

    The party had been in and out of Durlag’s Town. The Dungeon had been left, in order to search for more information.

    An elf-mage, called CALI’, joined the party. With his patience and good heart he has been a great addition to the team. The anticipated JYM RUUK appeared in a basement in a small town, east of Baldur’s Gate.

    “I hear we are going to the dwarf’s old building! I am here to tag along. May I HALP?” JYM said.

    The monk was confused and suspicious for a second but decided she had good intentions.

    “Yes. We lost two fighters and one was our only locksmith. I think you can give the group aid, yes. A lot of evil ahead, please be careful.”

    Much of the tower has been covered, yet still more is left before the group.
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    BALTHIAS LE’TOR came to the party after CHANDLER. BALTHIAS LE’TOR, a man of many trades and a devoted adventurer. CHANDLER, is an archer and enthusiastic to battle the enemy.

    Durlag’s Tower would have to wait, as the party welcomed their new members and learned their style of attack. Only the very depth of the tower remained unexplored.

    The group left to investigate it’s resources. They bulk up on ammunition and equipment. Then the adventure lead to Baldur’s Gate, where they were hired by the flaming fist.
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