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Re: #3134 - Viconia is now missing one level 3 spell slot

HurricaneHurricane Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 730

The issue #3134 is not completely resolved yet. While most of the Priest NPCs now have the correct number of spell slots, there was one slight overcorrection with Viconia. Two of her creature files, viconi13.cre and viconi16.cre, are now missing one level 3 spell slot. She currently has five base slots and one bonus slot there, but this should be six base slots and one bonus slot, according to the cleric's spell progression table (see the manuals or MXSPLPRS.2da).

And while we're on the subject of spell slots for the Priest NPCs, I'd like to suggest one more thing. A couple of NPC incarnations have unused spell slots, meaning their available slots are not all filled with a spell by default. There are only four cases of this:

jaheir8.cre: One of her level 4 spell slots is empty.
cernd10.cre: One of his level 1 spell slots is empty.
viconi11.cre: Her level 6 spell slot is empty.
viconi9.cre: One of her level 1 spell slots is empty.

It would be nice if those spell slots were filled, so the characters have more spells ready when they first join your party. There is just no reason to leave any of the available slots empty.

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