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Slayer tweak mod

ScourgeScourge Member Posts: 97
edited December 2014 in BGII:EE Mods
can someone make a slayer tweak mod?

- I would like to be able to permanently stay in slayer form.
- I would like also to have the ravager as strong as the ravager you meet in the pocket plane. And also unlimited duration.


Sorry, it's just me being greedy for power. Let's make the few power you got count.



  • SarevokokSarevokok Member Posts: 171
    I support this. I feel like the avatar of Bhaal should be all powerful. Maybe a death aura that's really difficult to save against. perm 10 attacks per round. 25 str/dex/constitution. Immune to any attacks that are +3 and below. 300+ hp. Each hit deal fire, acid and cold damage. Etc etc...

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