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Elminster's Jest - a bawdy song courtesy of Elaine Cunningham

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Another song I discovered on the net. I don't know if it has ever been posted on the forums before, but I didn't find it after a quick search so here it is:
Attributed to (read: "blamed upon") Danilo Thann

There was a knight who longed to wield a more impressive lance
To carry into battle, and to aid him with romance.
A wizard overheard the knight and granted his request.
The knight at first was overjoyed to see how he was blessed.


Hey there, ho there,
A lesson's coming through:
Be careful what you ask for--
For your wishes may come true.

The knight went to a revel with his weapon thus enhanced.
The lance made dining difficult and tripped him while he danced.
The next day at the tournaments he won the jousting meets,
For all who faced his fearsome lance fell laughing from their seats.


The knight romanced a lady who admired his staff of oak.
They'd scarse begun their gentle joust before the staff had broke.
The knight sought out the wizard, who replied when brought to task,
"Your wish bespoke how long it WAS, and not how long 'twould LAST!"


Repeat chorus if possible, run if necessary.
*kcwise runs as necessary*

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