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Epilogue ideas

Since some epilogues were more satisfying than others, I invite anyone interested to come up with their own ideas for epilogues. Only two rules: 1. Subject has bold emphasis, epilogue is contained within < blockquote class="Quote" rel="> and 2. Add a little background to explain the context of the epilogue.

It seems fitting that I start off the discussion with one of my own. Let's see if I can make it two. Let's see...

I'll start with Dorn, leaving romance to the side for just a moment. Let this first one be what I imagine would happen if Dorn remained a blackguard of some stripe but not been romanced.
Dorn Il-Khan
For years Dorn remained a thorn in the side of all that is good and righteous, but a union of forces between the gods and their followers made real the possiblity his existance would be ended. Driven north by the relentless crusader army, Dorn eventually found himself in the mountains of home, the Spine of the World, where his patron abandoned him to his fate, so with the aid of a cleric of Auril, wicked goddess of blizzards and frost, Dorn pledged his blade to the Frostmaiden. Although Auril could be a cruel and fickle mistress, Dorn's loyal service eventually earned him a deadly icy blade, dubbed "Shadowfrost". Using the powers bestowed upon him by his weapon and his goddess, he intimidated warrior after warrior into the Cold Goddess' service, eventually forming an unholy order of warriors known as the Revenants of Winter. So it was that when the crusaders finally caught up with Dorn, they found the half-orc ready for them, with the followers of Auril at his back. The climatic battle that ensued eventually ended in Dorn's death, but the victory was one of the most costly the forces of good ever endured. The loss of her champion caused the Frostmaiden to send a cataclysmic blizzard that left the paladins and their allies frozen alive, a graveyard of soldiers trapped in the positions of war. As for the followers of Auril, they took the mighty warrior to a hill overlooking Icewind Dale, where an emotional ceremony ended with Lady Frostkiss herself blowing a gentle winter's breeze over his body, forever preserving it in crystalline ice, protecting it from the ravages of time. Dorn's tomb has since become a shrine, and followers of the Frostmaiden pray over his body every year.
And for the second, I'll consider what may have come about had he cast his patron aside and become a fallen blackguard.
Dorn Il-Khan (Fallen Blackguard)
Without a patron to give him a purpose, Dorn found himself bewildered and out of his element. He still enjoyed battle and bloodshed, but found he no longer got a thrill from aimless wandering. A sudden bout of inspiration drove him to return home to the Spine of the World, where he found the purpose he was looking for slaughtering ogres, the brutes who had wiped out his father's people so many years ago. When he liberated an ogre labour camp of orc slaves he discovered his tribe alive and well, including his father Rusk, who finally acknowledged his son after years of estrangement; he had wanted a brutal warrior for a son and now he had one. On the aniversary of his return home, Dorn led his tribe against the city of Luskan, intent on burning it to the ground in retaliation for his imprisonment there. But as he was on the verge of winning his battle with Garm Wolfbrother, captain of the guard, he heard a human woman call him by name and looked up to see the face of his mother. For a moment was he thrown off-guard, but that moment proved fatal, and Dorn was slain by Wolfbrother, leaving his mother alone to lament how her frightened little boy had grown into a mass-murdering monster. The orcs, their fearsome rage decayed by their time as slaves, left everyone astonished by collecting Dorn's body and the rest of their dead, then leaving to bury them with the honours due warriors. Dorn's spirit, however, descended to the Lower Planes, where the fiends and cambions found in him a capable opponent.
You guys got any good ideas?

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