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Journal titles

kangaxxkangaxx Member Posts: 681
edited August 2012 in General
As BG1 uses the BG2 engine there is an important gap to fill:

According to @Manuel, we need to create titles for every journal entry. Otherwise the game won't be able to group them.

ID 16002:

Dear, absent-minded Phlydia has lost another of her books, "The History of Halruaa," this time. Last time she was at Candlekeep, she lost an entire four-volume set in the hay we keep for the cows.

changes to

Phlydia's lost book

Dear, absent-minded Phlydia has lost another of her books, "The History of Halruaa," this time. Last time she was at Candlekeep, she lost an entire four-volume set in the hay we keep for the cows.

@Manuel will provide the German Team with a list of all journal entries. I will then provide you with a list of all IDs in order to let you add the titles more quickly.

@CameronTofer Please confirm if you need us to fill this gap.


  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326
    The English document already includes a number of strings - from 26785 to 27632 - that features the original journal entries with a title, thus superseeding the correspondent journal entries within the first 24124 lines (which are the original vBG1 lines).

    I was under the impression these lines would be made available to all spreadsheets. Were they not?

  • La_VoixLa_Voix Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 772
    edited August 2012
    @AndreaColombo : Well, our spreadsheet, in the French team, stops at the line 24627 : [-- This space is intentionally left blank --].
    Are there supposed to be more lines ?

  • kangaxxkangaxx Member Posts: 681
    Same for us.

    I've tried to add CONTINUE functions, but these extra 3000 strings don't show up.

  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326
    Hopefully @CameronTofer will be able to shed some light on this matter.

  • kangaxxkangaxx Member Posts: 681
    Our spreadsheet now includes all strings.

  • christofchristof Member Posts: 224
    edited August 2012
    @La_Voix same for Czech
    ah, checked just now and we have all the strings :)

  • kangaxxkangaxx Member Posts: 681
    edited August 2012
    @christoph @La_Voix

    Follow these steps to fetch the new strings:

    1) open your spreadsheet and select the cell which imports the strings (it should be A1 and B1). The upper right corner should be red and a message should appear which states that not all cells are visible to you.

    2) Press Ctrl+Shift+E and wait for the document to fetch the new strings.

    If it doesn't work, copy the function =ImportRange("[...]", "ID") and delete the cell's value. All following rows in column A should be empty now. Then paste the copied function back and hit enter.

    If you repeat all of above for cell A1 and B1, your document will consist of ~27000 rows.

  • cherrycoke2lcherrycoke2l Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 1,060
    edited August 2012
    I've followed steps given above by @kangaxx. Several new strings have been added, but besides there are mostly empty cells (there's only the ID). Is this supposed to be like that?

    Edit 1: Or nevermind, I scrolled down and I can see more strings there :D

    Edit 2: I notice these new strings are again from BG2. Is there a way to those strings from original translation (where applicable, I realise I won't do this to the new journal entries).

  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326
    @cherrycoke2l - There is a .txt document gently provided by the devs that tells you which string in BG:EE relates to which string in BG2. If you have no access to the private beta forum, PM me your email address and I'll send it to you.

  • kangaxxkangaxx Member Posts: 681
    @AndreaColombo Thanks for the document.

    Unfortunately, it seems to be incorrect. Following Strings are connected, for instance:
    The selected character is healed. Twenty-seven hit points are brought back.

    This spell heals the character of all injuries, diseases, and blindness. It can also dispel feeblemind and cure mental disorders.

    Wild Mage
    Resurrection returns a character to life and heals him/her of all wounds.


  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326
    Looks like the time has come to light the @ScottBrooks-Signal...

  • La_VoixLa_Voix Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 772
    @kangaxx : Okay, it seems to be working fine, I can see there are new strings now. Thanks :)
    @AndreaColombo : I did not know there was such a document (which could have saved me some time ^^)... and I don't have access to the beta forum. If I pm you my email address, would you send me access too ?

  • kangaxxkangaxx Member Posts: 681
    @La_Voix Be aware that the document might be incorrect. I've found a few strings which doesn't match. There might be more, but I don't have the time to check all 3000 connections.

    Thats why I've created an excel file with 500.000+ cells which contains all English strings and two different German translations.

    You could easily copy the new strings and match them using my file. You still need to import the French translation. Bear in mind that there might be several strings which seem to match: you have to pick the right ones.

    Anyone who's interested in that document (google docs implodes with that high amount of cells — and my 2011 computer needs minutes to load this document...) please send me a PM with your e-mail address.

    You'll only get access to the beta forum after signing the NDA with Cameron.

  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326
    @kangaxx said it all :) If you want/need the "original" TXT file Scott Brooks made, PM me your email address and I will send it. However, as kangaxx found inconsistencies between the reported strings, I was hoping the devs could cast some light on the matter. If he has worked on a better/ more precise document, I suggest you make use of that one.

    It is not within my power to grant anyone access to the beta subforum. I thought all team leaders did, but I was apparently mistaken. If you need access for whatever reason, PM Cameron Tofer (it's him who manages this).

  • La_VoixLa_Voix Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 772
    edited August 2012
    @kangaxx : Okay, i'll try your document :)
    And worst case scenario, if I can't manage to figure it out, I still have the english .tlk of the game, so I can use the search function to identify the strings that need to be imported (I did so with the previous texts imported from BG2).
    @AndreaColombo : I don't have to have access to the beta forum, there may be a reason why I was not granted access (I'm not a beta-tester, after all). But every document or piece of information that might help us with the translating/correcting the strings is more than welcome :)

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