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Android - transferring saves

RonnaannRonnaann Member Posts: 48
Just started up BG2 on my phone, and its working great!
However, I couldn't find my saves from BG1 when trying to import.
Anyone figured out how this works yet?


Actually, this is super easy....

1: Plug your phone into your computer (I've a windows 7 at work , so using that)
2: open up windows explorer and navigate to the path
3: Copy this entire directory
4: Paste the directory into
5:Open BG2EE and create a new character and then when you select import, all your BG1 saves are there.

Sorry for spamming the forum!


  • oldlamehandoldlamehand Member Posts: 39
    As I mentioned In other topic, very easy way of transfering (sync) saves between Android and PC version is BitTorrent sync beta. I haven't tested this with BGEE and BG2EE, but it worked in IWDEE.
    I suppose for BGEE and BG2EE it will work too, asuming you have all DLCs for android version.

  • Cr4zyJCr4zyJ Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 208
    edited December 2014
    I just go in to android/data/baldursgateenhancededition/files/save and find my final save. I then copy that to the same folder in bg2 and then start bg2. I goto new game, create char, import, import save file. This is roughly the steps ill edit this when i get home (also important to know: i delete the final save after i get a save in bg2. This is because bg2 will make a final save later when you beat it for use in ToB but this may not be required)

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