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Difficulty installing IWDification in BG2:EE

redmage123redmage123 Member Posts: 24
Hello all,

I've downloaded IWDification Beta 3 for my BG2:EE steam installation. I've created the hardlink for dialog.tlk in the game directory (i.e. steam/steamapps/common/

However, when I attempt to install either the Arcane or the Divine Spell packs, I get the following error:

ERROR: BIFF [./DATA/EE.BIF] cannot be loaded: Invalid_argument("String.create")

Stopping installation because of error.

(repeats this error four more times)

Anybody know what's going on and how to fix it?


  • Tomato9999Tomato9999 Member Posts: 30
    edited January 2015
    I installed on many occasions a bunch of mods, in the order advised, but the divine/arcane mod always messes things up for me, so i dont have it currently

    I also use steam and one thing that has fixed almost all my mod issues, and is probably the fix to my divine/arcane issue but iam scared to test this, is you have to move your game to somewhere else than the steam folder.

    I moved my game to C:\Games\BGEE2 as was advised and everything worked almost perfectly ever since (you'd have to reinstall all mods I think). To move your game just cut/paste the whole thing and create folders with that path I gave

    also as I understand, if you keep your game in the steam folder youre gonna get errors whenever steam decides to do some updates or smth along those lines of updates (forgot what it was but basically some nerds said to never keep it in steam folder)

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