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Changing Proficiencies on iPad BG: EE

I'm extra new, but I bought the BG: EE port for iPad, and I love it! I played BG when it came out long ago for PC, and I've always hoped someone would port it to iPad! It's great! Nice work, Beamdog.

Now, I just have a quick question, I'm playing a Kensai, planning to Dual to Mage at 9 or 13.
I put two points in
"Single Weapon Style"
and three points in
"Long Sword"
I'm thinking I should have put points into "Two weapon style" instead of "Single weapon style" so I can dual wield.

My question is, can I go back and change this on the iPad? I tried using iFunbox, and I can access my save, but I'm not sure how to go in and edit the proficiencies. I read through several threads talking about transferring files, but I don't have Baldurs Gate EE on my PC, just on my iPad and iPhone.

I would be extremely grateful to anyone who can help answer my question, thanks!



  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,346
    You need to use shadowkeeper or eekeeper to edit your save games. If you have the pc version of the game, simply transfer your save game to pc versions save folder, edit there via keeper, and transfer back to Ipad.

    If you don't have pc version, you can copy the whole folder to your desktop via Ifunbox. This is like 2 gb and will copy your Ipad game to your pc game, it won't work on pc, ofcourse, but it simulates the installation there. You can then set up eekeeper to recognise this pseudo installation of bg:ee on your desktop, edit your save there, save the file, and transfer the edited save file back to Ipad.

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