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[REQ] NearInfinity spell modding

brusbrus Member Posts: 944
Could someone make tutorial how to modify spells via NearInfinity ?
For example, I would like to prolongate timestop and add damage to color spray and faster cast time.
This feature will be added with future EEKeeper but I would like to make this for Christmass.


  • AllbrotherAllbrother Member Posts: 210
    edited December 2014
    IMO, DLTCEP is much easier to use for spell and item editing/creation

    Still, if you're set on NE...

    Color Spray:

    1.Find spwi105 under the SPL category
    2.Open the edit tab
    3.Double click the spell ability
    4.Set casting speed to whatever you like
    6.Click add/spell ability
    7.Double click the new ability
    8.Easiest way to fill it is to copy the values from the first level of burning hands (spwi103) without the graphic effects
    9.If the damage improves based on caster level, repeat steps 6 through 8 for every improvement, setting minimum level to the desired number (again, you can use burning hands for this)
    10.Close all windows, saving when prompted

    Time Stop:

    1.Find spwi909 under the SPL category
    2.Open the edit tab
    3.Double click spell ability
    4.Set casting speed to whatever you like
    5.Doble click the time stop effect
    6.Set the duration to whatever you like
    7.Close all windows, saving when prompted

  • brusbrus Member Posts: 944
    edited December 2014
    I didn't know for DLTCEP.
    Could you make tutorial for that ?
    Btw ,thanks for NI.

    edit: spwi105,spwi909 is the same spell for BGEE,BG2EE and IDEE ?

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  • DeltharisDeltharis Member Posts: 124
    edited December 2014
    When you don't know how to do anything you have to be prepared for there not being a simple way to do what you want. Still, DLTCEP editing is relatively easy (when compared to NearInfinity - man, that program intimidates me):

    1. Set it up properly (It's tricky at times, I spent 10 minutes on google for that)
    1a. make sure to enter WEIDU options for language setting so that dialog.tlk can be found
    1b. uncheck "read only".
    2. edit spells
    3. file -> load spell, find the one you want (it's wise to check in, for example, EEKeeper exactly what version of that spell your characters are using, sometimes there are several)
    4. go to Extended Effects tab
    5. MOD
    6. File -> Save spell

    Ok, step 5 is where the magic happens. The approach that works for me when, for example, I want my perfect cheating protect-from-everything helmet is:

    5a. Open another DLTCEP (for convinience)
    5b. In the new one using guide above find spell that already does what you want (say, if you want your magic missile to do electricity damage, find lightening bolt)
    5c. Look at how what you want to do is achieved. Sometimes it is one effect (like electricity damage is effect 12 with some easily readable parameters). Sometimes it's OMG-how-could-they-have-created-that (like in true seeing - now I know why there isn't any item that grants constantly). Hope for the first one
    5d. Go back to the spell you're editing. Add effect. Edit that effect. Change it to what you saw works in another spell.
    5e. Rince and repeat until you've copied all the functionality you need.

    Once you get the hang of it you can look up specific things you know should be possible at

    For the things you want - extending duration most often is just editing the single effect that does the thing and changing "duration" value. Time stop is one of those cases.
    Casting speed - value in one of the boxes above effects, labeled "speed".
    Adding damage might be tricky. Or not. Check other cone spells how it's done.

    Note that enemies will too get those upgraded spells!

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