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Single Player Cross Platform Playthrough

So I started a play through on my Mac and had Neera and Dorn in my game. I sometimes play on my iPad, so I transferred the saved data to my iPad to continue playing.

I hadn't thought of it at all, but I had Neera and Dorn in my party but I did not purchase them for iOS. Will there quests still trigger etc? Or are they just "bodies" while on my iPad?



  • MestarMestar Member Posts: 78
    I decided to make a separate save and played through it.

    The quests did trigger and I was able to complete them but they were buggy. Not sure if they are exclusive to porting to iOS or known bugs.

    1: Dorn randomly left party. Then the screen would jump from Baldur's Gate bridge (where I was) to Friendly Arm Inn and Dorn's dialogue would pop up with the choice to let him rejoin or leave him. No matter what was selected the screen would keep jumping back and forth and I was stuck in a loop like this. I reloaded and the game continued without issue and I completed his quest.

    2: After talking to the guy near Maple Willow Asp I was ported behind the Seven Suns. Rasa d would keep stoping every step in an attempt to talk to the guy who wasn't with us. I returned to where he was and the dialogue finished with him giving me a key that didn't show up in my inventory. Could not progress so I reloaded and confronted him. Got the note and was able to continue Rasaad's quest.

    Currently need to finish Neeras quest.

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