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AI and fog of war

I tested this earlier inside the tower in Dorn's Keep, or however this is called.

On HoF difficulty, I use a rogue, Bounty Hunter in my case, any class with Hide in Shadows will do just fine.

I enable Stealth and move towards a room full of enemies (5-6 close to each other).
Then I step away carefully so as to leave only one enemy out of the fog of war.
I disable hide in shadows.
Only this specific enemy follows me.
Traps and the rest of the group take good care of him.

Obviously the game is not meant to be played like this, at least this is what I personally think.

Any opinions?
Should this change?


  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,657
    What you described is a old problem in most IE-Games. Works the same way in BG but not in Icewind Dale 2. Personally i try not to abuse this in any form cause it makes the game even more easier.

    Thats why i loved SCS in BG. Get something like this for IWD and i will love this game even more. :smile:
  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,208

    Get something like this for IWD and i will love this game even more. :smile:

    This is essentially what I am waiting for at this point. Gief TTT plz! And all that.
  • liquidsteelliquidsteel Member Posts: 9
    I'm in Dorn's Deep and I'm confused. I thought that in ID it's now impossible to pull out only one enemy from fog, I mean, when one starts to follow us, the others should do the same. But no, we can easily do the trick. I'm quite sure that in all locations before Dorn's Deep this trick didn't work. Am I wrong? Maybe some of you could tell me in which locations it works properly (in more difficult way I mean)?

    My second question: how about AoE spells (those which makes damage, for example Spikes)? I cast Spikes somewhere in the fog, where enemies stand, and just wait. I have impression that in Dorn's Deep it works much easier than in locations I passed before. Enemies are not reacting in any way, they are just standing and waiting for death in Spikes. Or maybe it works in all locations and I just didn't notice that?

    It's really strange, but in some way Dorn's Deep looks far too easy beacuse of that and I don't feel well with it.
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  • liquidsteelliquidsteel Member Posts: 9
    I'm not sure how it works with undead enemies (it's few weeks since I was in The Vale of Shadows and Dragon's Eye), the issue comes most significant for me in Dorn's Deep with Ettins and Myconids. But as I said I'm not sure, so if anyone knew how behave different creatures, it would be nice to have it clear. I guess that it depends on type of enemy, not location.

    And same question about AoE spells: do some enemies react, when we cast on them for example Spikes Growth and they didn't see us? Or all of them, without any exceptions, just wait for death? Well I know it's quite odd, beacuse I'm playing IDEE now, but just forget how it was working in Cave near Easthaven, Vale of Shadows, Temple of the Forgotten God and so on. I have feeling that some of enemies used to walk in direction where my team stands, after I cast AoE spells on them, but it's impression, nothing certain.
  • liquidsteelliquidsteel Member Posts: 9
    I think, in Severed Hand enemies were attacking in groups.
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