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Suggested Simple Wilson improvements

elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,295
edited December 2014 in Feature Requests
Working off the understanding that he is meant to be similar to a Kensai (so poor AC), these are just a few suggested improvements that would make him a better balanced character (that also don't require any new items or anything complicated).

1) Faster progression for his paws. Right now he gets +1 paws at level 7 and improves every 6 levels after that. This is too slow in my view (and especially if you leave early for Spellhold you'll find that his weapons are ineffective against a number of targets). Give him a boost every 4 levels instead. So at level 5 he would have +1 paws, at level 9 he would have +2 (then boosts at 13, 17, and 21). I understand that you might want to stretch out his benefits, but it just leaves him behind compared to other characters when it comes to his ability to hurt enemies.

2) Allow his rage to grant him immunity to level drain.

Korgan and Minsc's rage/berserking abilities both grant it. With the vampires and wights in the game its a commonly enough status effect that I feel like it would be good to include it here. Especially given how much his bonuses are tied to his level (unlike a lot of pure class fighters where at a certain point they aren't really improving much anymore prior to getting HLA's). Otherwise given his AC and additional speed he is just a walking vampire target.

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