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Athkatla Song

Amber_ScottAmber_Scott Member Posts: 513
I love writing song parodies and I made up a verse of "Athkatla" (to the tune of "Chicago") for our recent live stream. Today I thought I'd fill out the rest of the lyrics.

Original here for reference. Enjoy!

Athkatla, Athkatla, that Amnian town!
Athkatla, Athkatla, I will show you around the districts.
Bet your last gp that you'll level up in Athkatla,
Athkatla, where unlicensed magic will get you shut down.

On Waukeen's Promenade I just wanna say,
They sell the best goods on the whole Trade Way.
They have to fight, to fight for their life.
I saw a man skin people alive in Athkatla,
Athkatla my home town!

Athkatla, Athkatla, that mercantile town!
Athkatla, Athkatla, you can go undergound (in the graveyard!)
Bet you'll meet undead if you walk at night in Athkatla,
Athkatla, the town where lots of people need items found.

In Spellhold, that hell hole, you don't wanna stay
You can break out if you do it the hard way.
You'll have to fight, to fight for your life,
Quick take a side in the thieves' guilds' strife
In Athkatla, Athkatla my home town!



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