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Portrait Selection

Dragonfolk2000Dragonfolk2000 Member Posts: 347
edited August 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)
Could the portrait select mimic that of Neverwinter Night's? It would be a lot faster and easy to pick out portraits that way.


  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,206
    edited August 2012
    You mean like clicking the biggest version of the portrait and the other smaller one that goes with it automatically being chosen so we don't have to hunt it down manually?
  • Dragonfolk2000Dragonfolk2000 Member Posts: 347
    I mean like having all the portraits available in a checkerboard selection screen where you click a smaller portrait (probably the size of what it would be on the main screen) and a bigger version appears to the left or right. The bottom would have two button: 'accept' and 'back'. It would be a lot faster than using two arrows to rotate through the images one at a time.
  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    That would be far less painful to have.
  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,206
    Should be possible for them to do. Good suggestion, I like it.
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