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Game is stuck on entering Arundel's abode after defeating Yxunomei in Dragon's Eye

Before opening a discussion in the bugs or troubleshooting section, I'd like to see if anybody has encountered the following problem: having returned to Kuldahar immediately after defeating Yxunomei in Dragon's Eye, I defeated the Orog in my vicinity and headed to Arundel's home, whereupon the game gets stuck. The game zooms out in the way it does before a dialog/cutscene takes place but nothing happens. Arundel is still being animated ( doing that little thing he does with his arms, but no dialogue is initiated and I can't even press escape to load a save). I've browsed the bugs/troubleshooting sections and haven't come across a post about this. Any suggestions or insight? My game is neither modded nor edited.


  • CershenCershen Member Posts: 27
    After experimenting a bit, I've discovered a method of getting around the problem. When I first experienced this bug, my party was missing two members, one of whom acts as the party leader. Simply switching one of my living characters into the leader slot allowed the dialog with the (I now realize) "fake" Arundel to proceed. I believe this is a bug and will report it in the bugs section.

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