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[Mod] Party Members Moving Only a few Steps

NovusNovus Member Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Troubleshooting
Alright, this IS a modded game, but the mods are all Weidu and everything has been completely stable up to this point. However, Jaheira and a mod character named Isra both started acting oddly. They will only move a few steps at a time, casts get interrupted, and Isra will not attack. This happens with AI scripts off as well as on. I'd dismiss it as broken mod if it were just the mod character.

My best guess...I THINK something went wonky after a romance talk with the mod character, however I kicked out Jaheira to see if the issue would resolve(assuming it was a conflict between their romance scripts) and the issue persisted. Likewise it's not affecting Viconia, who should have an active romance script as well(early in the game, choice hasn't been forced and all). So that could be an entirely erroneous thought. I attached a working(Novus 8) and bugged(Bugfix) set of saves, if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate the help =-(.

Sigh, yeah it's something up with the mod. problem triggers when the RH#ISRAROMANCEACTIVE variable is changed to 2. Haven't been able to find the actual problem in the script though. If anyone wants to take a look I'd be ecstatic, otherwise just gonna pull the mod. Unfortunate that, as it's one of the few Party Member NPC mods I've seen made for BG:EE, and therefore something I actually hadn't seen yet. And it's very well done to boot.

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