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[Windows] Luremaster Fight Issue

OS : Windows XP sp3

IWD EE version : 1.3.2058

During the fight , I casted Hold Undead on Luremaster and killed him before he made the final speech . Then , I was stuck in the cutscene … forever :(

I haven’t made any other tests , but I suspect if you kill Luremaster before he had any chance to speak ( using Disintegrate , Flame Arrow x3 in Sequencer , Sol’s Searing Orb , Imprisonment ,etc ) or prevent him from making speech ( using Power Word : Silence , Silence , Polymorph Other , etc ) , you probably will be stuck in the game .

PS : The fight in the original game is actually bug-proof --- you can kill Luremaster before he makes the final talk , but you will only miss the dialog . Nothing bad will happen .


Looks like I have been image by that " Anti-Spam" message again T_T

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