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[Windows] Shifter's Shapechange ability should not be disrupted by damage

OS : Windows XP sp3

IWD EE version : 1.3.2058

During the fight , my druid ( Shifter ) tried to shapechange into a werewolf , but her action was disrupted by enemy attack ( only took some damage but no Stun , Paralyse or other “ disable” effect ) . I think this might be a bug , for I found this entry in the changelog of the original game :


- Innate spell-like special abilities (like the druid shapechange) can no
longer be interrupted by damage.


PS : I haven’t tested the “ normal ” Wildshape or other “ Innate Abilities” like Lay on Hand , Smite Evil , etc . So , I don’t know if these abilities have the same issue .

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