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Realistic, no reload playthrough

levilumolevilumo Member Posts: 8
edited February 2015 in Challenges and Playthroughs
I've been thinking about doing a realistic playthrough of the Baldur's gate EE saga. By realistic I mean the following.

1) No reload - You die, you lose the bhaalspawn essence and cannot be revived. UNLESS life and death depends on getting up those stairs but your whole party glitches for 2 seconds, enough for that mage to get off that fireball. -.-

2) Party member realistic death -
2.1) Permanent death is *gasp* permanent! :)
2.2) Simulate having to carry a heavy body to the priest. (Shadow keeper bag of holding and 5 bodies?)

3) SCS for realistically difficult battles and AI

4) Party members levels are not according to your charname - I've always found it a bit ridiculous that for example Khalid and Jaheira are these experienced adventurers who in a couple of days quadruple their initial experience...
So the idea would be to give different joinable NPCs initial xp based on who they are, of course taking into consideration the XP cap and difficulty:

Some suggestive examples:

Imoen 0 (Same as charname)
Neera 3000 (Slightly traveled)
Coran 16000 (Opportunistic adventurer)
Kagain 16000 (Merchant with some training and lots of talent)
Minsc/Dynaheir 16000 (Traveled, trained and quested)
Khalid 36000 (Adept adventurer-)
Jaheira 40000 (Adept adventurer+)

This way no reload with SCS is maybe more realistic at lower levels and characters make more sense. Hopefully SCS would counterbalance the initial starting bonus xp. :) But also some characters are weaker! It's like... realistic!

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