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BG2EE > BG1EE ?¿ Engine functions.. please enlight me :)

MeaninglessMeaningless Member Posts: 51
Hello all!

I thought both Games shared the same engine functionality, oh silly me! ;)

Was going to some mod setup and request the "Disable Cosmetic Attacks" for BG1 as well but then it struck: Why the hell mod for BG1 if (provided) the features are inferior and somewhat limited compared to BG2?

I'm new here and logic (mine at least) suggest that the games would "roll out" in the same fashion as BGT for vanilla versions (use superior engine to play all the games cause... theres no reason NOT TO). I dunno if developers have some conceptual or contractual or any other bulls.. I mean 'reason' for making BG1 with its limitations.. but then there it is.

Before I "dirt my hands" and start some topics or mods, can someone whos been down the road for a while longer enlighthen me as to, quite frankly, if theres any sensible reason to mod for BG1 (other than fanatical preference for it over BG2) or should I just wait until someone (fast, please!) makes a "Trilogy" like done with vanilla games and ports BG1EE to the functionality of its big brother the BG2EE.

Thanks for any insight on that!


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