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Stoneskin - Grey Color Removed

From what I read, the stoneskin grey color is hardcoded in the BG/IWD enhanced editions.

This work-around will require some editing in DLTCEP unless you happen to like the exact same color scheme for your character that I do. The stone effect is still there, but it's immediately overwritten with my own hardcoded color choices. The color change lasts until the stoneskin expires/is dispelled.

Unzip SPWI408.spl into your override folder. When you cast stoneskin, you'll see your character now has pink skin, gold major clothes, black hair, etc.

To change the colors, in DLTCEP go to the extended effects tab. You'll see 13 headers. The different tabs account for the changing number of skins as your level increases (see required level field).

- My effects are 5 - 9. Edit them to change the colors. Press 'parameter style:colour' button to see the list of available options.

- I edited this through Header 8, so the spell effect will kick in through casters up to level 21. Copy over your colors to the higher headers if you have a caster level 22+.

-I didn't bother adding a metal or armor color overwrite since I'm using this on a sorcerer. In effect description you'll see all the location options , so you can add another effect with location=5 to change armor color, etc.

- Obviously you don't have to mimic your character's normal colors. If you want to do something like look like stone, except for bright green hair while the spell's in effect, just delete all the effects except for location 6.



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