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(Windows 7) Game Crash during Char Creation and Haer'dalis Conversation

Hello, I am in the middle of my first play through of BG 2:EE with the latest patch and no mods installed. I experienced crashes during the character creation, specifically while browsing through portraits for a new character. However I was able to import an old character from BG:EE and start the game without any problems.

Also, my game crashes as soon as I begin a conversation with Haer'dalis in Mekrath's Lair. This happens when I initiate conversation when he is charmed before giving Mekrath the mirror and also after I give Mekrath the mirror and Haer'dalis initiates conversation in the central area.

In both of the instances the screen freezes up and I have to ctrl+alt+del. I have tried reloading multiple times to no effect.

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