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Icewind Dale to pen and paper

GarrikGarrik Member Posts: 17
So me and my wife and her three step kids are starting a second edition campaign which is based on the Icewind Dale game,converting it to pen and paper.What are people's thought's on that ? it's based on a party of five and obviously I've had to tweak the game to fit pen and paper as so it can work.



  • MoradinMoradin Member Posts: 372
    My brother run most of the BG campaign with one of his groups. Tht was his first time as a Dungeon Master...
    A few years later, he run an IWD2 based campaign with a different group. I joined with my dwarven cleric Trust in some instances of both campaign (I was living abroad, so played only when I went back to Italy). He used the games as a reference and the story tended to go in that general direction, but of course he rewrote situations, places and characters to fit in with what he had in mind. Of course it will be easier if none of your players has already played the game.

    At a certain point during the campaign, my group and I (4-5 people, 13th to 15th level) found ourselves against Sherinkal. And I remember I was thinking to myself, certainly my bro' buffed her a bit, otherwise the fight will be over in the surprise round. Turned out we had an unexpected guest to help our foe: Manshoon... ok, he remained just the time to cast one or two Horrid Wiltings, but... freaking Manshoon!!

    In hindsight, I think he did a very good job. This way, even if you played the games and you're kinda supposed to know what happens next, you will always be surprised (for the good sometimes and for the worse quite often). So my advice, go on but don't stick to the game too much. If they want to go visit other towns, have something on the side for them to do. It would be nice if you updated us on the forum, too! We can give you suggestions and advice!
    Have fun!

  • GarrikGarrik Member Posts: 17
    My wife nor her Kids have never played Icewind dale so I have an advantage there,tweaking things here and there so it won't be noticed by them.

  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,018
    My only thought is that the BG games and IWD are a bit more combat heavy than any PnP game I ever played. I don't know how it will translate.

    However, I would strongly recommend (always assuming you can get your hands on it) finding the Temple of Elemental Evil Modules and play them. I thought the PC translation was fabulous (if buggy as all heck). And that is something that went the other way (module TO PC game) and something that the younger ones could get behind. Just a thought.

  • GarrikGarrik Member Posts: 17
    Basically I've re-worked the monsters in it so they aren't as much,re-worked the xp since it's a party of five and I would rather they level up at a pace,re-worked some of the storyline ( for instance Dorn's Deep which can be a long,long mission ) and since it's her kids first time I've changed some of the second edition rules so it isn't as overwhelming so to speak in this case the levelling up system,proficiencies etc.

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